Our Top Tips on how to sell more Salon Late Deals

We are adding new features every day – so this “how to use guide”  will be updated in the days to come once the screen layouts and feature list has settled.

But before the guide is added, here are some tips on selling Salon Late deals.


The Golden Rules of how to sell more Salon Late Deals

After helping over 50 salons promote their late deals over many years, we have recognised that those who do very well follow some basic rules :

1. Post deals every week on the same day.
If you establish a regular pattern of when you post your deals your clients will get used to that and also you won’t forget to plan your deals.

2. Offer bread & butter services plus some specials.
Most clients will want a Cut & Finish or Colour – not a massage or facial. So most of your deals should be for popular services (even in small numbers) with a few added extras that show the range of other services that you provide.

3. Don’t over discount.
We have seen salons sell lots of deals with discounts of 25% or less. So don’t think you have to offer 50% off on all deals. And in your settings on YourSalon.co you can choose to “hide the Savings column”. So if your discount/saving is lower don’t bother showing them – just the new price.

4. Should you “name” the stylist?
If you offer deals for a named stylist you may encourage their clients to postpone their visit and wait for a deal. But, naming stylists can be great for new graduates or people returning to the salon after a time away i.e. your are offering a deal because of who they are.

5. Be creative with which pages shows deals.
Did you know you can place a special set of deals on any page? So if you have an event you can have some deals on their own page JUST for that date/event.  Or promote a new/returning stylist on their own page and place JUST their deals on their page. Or launch a new service on its own page and have deals JUST for that service on the page.

6. Use deals to replace across-the-board discounts.
If you offer a New Client discount think about moving this to Late Deals so you control the number, reduce the discount and (on Paypal) get pre-payment. We have seen this work brilliantly at some salons.

7. Promote your salon late deals
It is vital you let people know about your deals as soon as they go “live” – so post to facebook (you can schedule the post in advance), run a targeted facebook advert with a small budget, and include Late deals at the start of any email newsletter to your clients.

8. Should I use Paypal for pre-payment?
The stats on deals claimed/sold so far on the NEW Late deals are surprising.

Late deals SOLD with pre-payment – 7% are refunded – when unable to book the client in.
Late Deals CLAIMED (no pre-payment) – 41% are cancelled – when unable to book the client in.