Salon Bar – boost turnover with content you create

For salons that have a website the never-ending problem is adding new content that is “up-to-date”

For example – you want to promote a Mothers’ Day special, or a colour sale, or talk about a new product or launch a new service. The only way to do this in the past was paying your website designer each time you wanted to add new content, or use a complicated Content Management System.

Salon Bar is a new tool that allows you to add content to any page on your website – without having to pay your website company.

Salon Bar adds a row of attractive buttons across the bottom of all of your Salon’s web pages with content that you decide, you edit and you plan.

salon bar

The Salon Bar Click to enlarge”

The buttons and the information they display are fed from our super-fast secure server and appear on your page as an overlay to your salon pages. It requires just a single line of code added to your salon website  – probably less than 30 minutes work for you web designer and it is in place forever (unless you choose remove it).

You can choose a number of different toolbar layouts with options for colour, size and number of buttons which then “float” at the bottom of every page on your Salon Website.

To create or change your buttons and messages you access our secure server via a secure website that will ask for your salon’s unique login name and password.

You 1st choose or change the Salon Bar styling, layout and number of buttons.

You can then add an image and text to each button to create a tempting menu for your website visitors.

salon bar 4

Salon Page overlay

Each button can then have an option to open on-click which open info boxes as pop-out images/text overlaying the page content.

With Salon Bar installed you can have a mix of –

  • pop-up image and text boxes
  • pop-open forms
  • tool tips
  • a web-page in a box
  • an image light-box

The content of the boxes that each button opens is also created and edited by the salon. So you can have –

  • Images
  • Video
  • Sign-up forms
  • Newsletters
  • Links to other web-pages
  • Vouchers emailed to clients

The options are endless, the rewards instant and Salon Bar is the perfect tool for selling your salon’s services and products.