– Dashboard of Key Data

One of the struggles of running a busy salon is keeping your eye on so many business performance numbers.

To maker this easier we have added to a Dashboard of all you key data related to your website and Salon Guru tools..

The example below (with the salon name hidden) shows...

SALES - This month and Last - via the online website Shop, Late Deals  and Deals waiting to be processed.

WEBSITE - Percentage and Bar-chart of Up-time in the last 7 days, Comments Approved and Pending on your site  and a graph of Home page load times.

OTHERS - Number of Client Reviews, Feedback and the number pending (awaiting approval). Wifi Logins are shown - this salon does not have the Wifi.

We plan to add other numbers like web traffic and website sign-ups in the weeks ahead.

This tool is free for all clients. If you need guidance or have a question please contact your Salon Guru Manager.