Creating the best website and marketing for salons & clinics that offer aesthetic & skin treatments is very different from that for hair & beauty salons.

Not only does the website design and content need a more professional/medical style, but we (the website content creators) also need to understand a wide range of Aesthetic services like..

Anti-ageing Treatments ♦ Microneedling Lip Plumping Fillers Non-surgical Facelifts Dermabrasion Laser Hair Removal Skin Peels

Below we have given examples of just a few of our best websites for Aesthetic Clinics.

What makes a website for an aesthetic & skin clinic unique?

When it comes to the more ‘specialist’ Aesthetics treatments such as Lipofirm, Non-Surgical Face Lifts or Laser Hair Removal, clients are much more likely to travel further than they would for a hair or beauty salon service. They are investing in an experience and will go the extra mile for a skilled aesthetic practitioner and clinic that they trust.

That’s why we carefully craft content to show that - not only are you the leading aesthetics or skin clinic in your area - but that you cater to clients from surrounding towns and cities.

The Salon Guru team have accumulated a deep insight into the behavioural patterns of Aesthetics clients over the years that have helped shape our approach. We produce impactful, clear-cut website content that puts a potential client’s mind at rest before their appointment. We will also ensure that your Aesthetics website adheres to the very latest ASA guidelines.

Combining our expert knowledge with a results-driven approach, we work alongside you to create a stunning Aesthetics & skin clinic website that not only represents your business well but gets clients through the door.

Aesthetic & skin clinic search engine optimisation  (SEO)

A fast website that looks great on mobiles is one key aim, but without many visitors, it is like a shop window that no one looks at. And the best way to get lots of website traffic is to be at the top of Google search for a wide range of phrases,

Search engine optimization or SEO for Aesthetic and Skin clinics places you front and centre when people search on Google for key aesthetic phrases in your area.  When your clinic website appears at the top of Google searches, you will get more web visits.  And when they land on your beautiful, fast-loading, clinic website, that person is just one click from booking an appointment at your clinic!


How we design and build a website for an Aesthetics clinic...

Below we describe the steps we followed for our client CJA Aesthetics designing the website and planning the content required i.e. pages, images, videos and blog posts. We also show the results after 3 months and 2 years.

Designing the perfect website for an Aesthetic Clinic

This quick guide uses a real-life example and explains the steps we follow and the results you can expect.

CJA Aesthetics approached us for a new website in February 2019 after hearing glowing reports from some of our 200+ salons.

Just 1 month later their new website was launched.


What the aesthetics clinic owner wanted to achieve...

To get as many search phrases to the top of Google as quickly as possible.

To rank for those phrases in the six locations he served - with more to come.

To produce a lot more web traffic, clients and income.

To provide expert marketing guidance through their time with Salon Guru.


The 5 steps to Plan, Build and Launch the new aesthetics website...

1. A questionnaire helped us identify the services they offered and the towns and areas they covered.

2. A design and menu/page plan was agreed upon.

3. We created the website and content with constant input from the owner.

4. The site was launched in March 2019.

5. From the launch date we began the constant process of adding new content (pages and blogs) to push the site to the top of Google.

Click the image below to visit the website for CJA Aesthetics.


The results 3 months after launch...

Web traffic up 85%

24 aesthetic search phrases at number 1 on Google.

47 aesthetic search phrases in the top 3.

The results 2 years after launch...

Web traffic up 202%

94 aesthetic search phrases at number 1 on Google.

184 aesthetic search phrases in the top 3.

How do we achieve these amazing results?

It is not rocket science or SEO "tricks". The KEY is great content (pages, images, videos, reviews) about aesthetic clinic services.

Explore the CJA website and look at ...

  • the very detailed Service pages
  • and the pages for Conditions
  • and the blog articles about their services we are adding each month to build Google authority

The client was so delighted with the result that they asked us to create a second website for CJA-Balance, leader in Testosterone Replacement Therapy in the UK and then a third website CJA Lifestyle for weight loss treatments.

The best website for an Aesthetic Clinic or Beauty salon comes from...

being an expert in the field   hard work   and monthly updates.

Aesthetic & Skin Clinic Websites & Digital Marketing: FAQs

Who should you trust to design the best website and marketing for an aesthetic or skin clinic?


A company with expertise and experience in the Aesthetics and Beauty industry. They must have knowledge of what marketing works and understands your clinic's aesthetic treatments.

How do we get an Aesthetic salon or skin clinic website to the top of Google search?


Google loves great content that is informative, fast to load and works well on mobile phones. These are all areas we excel in and can show you the amazing results from our many Aesthetic clinic websites. Or ask for a free Google rank report for your clinic to see how you rank compared to your local competitors.

Once you have a great website and Google rank how can you market your aesthetics & skin services?


We run Google AdWords adverts and Facebook & Instagram campaigns for many aesthetic salons and skin clinics. These platforms have strict rules regarding Aesthetics advert content, and we have some fantastic results we are happy to share with you.