Creating the best website and marketing for salons and clinics that offer Beauty and Aesthetic treatments is very different from that for Hair Salons.

Not only does the website design and content need a more professional/medical style, we (the website content creators) need to understand a wide range of Aesthetic services like..

Anti-ageing Treatments ♦ Microneedling Lip Plumping Fillers Non-surgical Facelifts Dermabrasion Laser Hair Removal Skin Peels

Below we have given examples of just a few of our best websites for Beauty & Aesthetic Clinics and Salons.

What makes an Aesthetics & Beauty website different to A Hair Salon website?

When it comes to the more ‘niche’ Aesthetics treatments such as Lipofirm, Non-Surgical Face Lifts or Laser Hair Removal, clients are much more likely to travel further than they would for a traditional hair service. They are investing in an experience and will go the extra mile for a skilled aesthetic practitioner and clinic that they trust.

That’s why we carefully craft content to show that - not only are you the leading Aesthetics Clinic in your area - but that you cater to clients from surrounding towns and cities.

The Salon Guru team have accumulated a deep insight into behavioural patterns of Aesthetics clients over the years that has helped shape our approach. We produce impactful, clear-cut website content that puts a potential client’s mind at rest before their appointment. We will also ensure that your Aesthetics website adheres to the very latest ASA guidelines.

Combining our expert knowledge with a results-driven approach, we work alongside you to create a stunning Aesthetics website that not only represents your business well but gets clients through the door.

A gallery of some of our Beauty & Aesthetic salon websites.
Click the image to read more about the clinic and then the arrows to visit their website.

The Cutting Studio
Sanctum Hair & Beauty
Gatsby & Miller Salon
This multi-award winning hair and beauty salon is seen as a pioneer in online marketing. Their website features an online store, gift vouchers, online booking, a linked client mobile app and changes every month. The salon owner is a well known business coach for the hairdressing industry.
Kam Salon
This is an award winning hair, beauty and aesthetics salon based in Lossiemouth, Scotland. The website features some incredible fashion hair photo-shoots. The website also has a comprehensive online store for products and vouchers.
House of Savannah Spa
The House of Savannah Hair & Beauty Spa in Newcastle has a very comprehensive online store and they sell a LOT of Gift Vouchers for the spa services and packages. Talk to us about the incredible amount of online sales that can be achieved when you have our expert help.
Face and Body Workshop
The Face and Body Workshop is a full-service Aesthetics & Beauty Salon website serving Surrey. Their website targets a very broad range of aesthetic & beauty salon phrases for SEO and offers Klarna to spread the cost of payments. 

Beauty & Aesthetic Websites: FAQs

A company with expertise and experience in your industry knows what works and understands your treatments and your clients.
We run google adverts and facebook campaigns for many companies. Both platforms have strict rules regarding advert content for Aesthetics & Beauty and we have amazing results we are happy to share with you.