The perfect website for an Aesthetic Clinic & Beauty Salon

Creating the perfect website for an Aesthetic Clinic or Beauty Salon

This quick guide uses a real-life example and explains the steps we follow and the results you can expect.

CJA Aesthetics approached us for a new website in February 2019 after hearing glowing reports from some of our 170 salons.

Just 1 month later their new website was launched.


What the Clinic owner wanted to achieve...

To get as many search phrases to to the top of google as quickly as possible.

To rank for those phrases in the six locations he served - with more to come.

To produce a lot more web traffic, clients and income.

To provide expert marketing guidance through the whole of their first year with Salon Guru.


The 5 steps to Plan, Build and Launch...

1. A questionnaire helped us identify the services they offered and the towns and areas they covered.

2. A design and menu/page plan was agreed.

3. We created the website and content with constant input from the owner.

4. The site was launched mid March 2019.

5. From launch date we began the constant process through year 1 of adding new content to push the site to the top of google.

Click the image below to visit the website for CJA Aesthetics.


The Results 3 months after launch...

Web traffic up 150%

24 phrases at number 1 on Google.

47 phrases in the top 3.

112 phrases on page 1 of Google.

How do we achieve these amazing results?

It is not rocket science or SEO "tricks". The KEY is great content.

Explore the CJA website and look at ...

  • the very detailed Service pages
  • and the pages for Conditions
  • and the blog articles we are adding each month to build Google authority

The client was so delighted with the result they asked us to create a second website for CJA-Balance, leaders in Testosterone Replacement Therapy in the UK.

The best website for an Aesthetic Clinic or Beauty salon comes from...

being an expert in the field   hard work   and monthly updates.