Salon Guru email system

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Getting Started

At Salon Guru we like to take care of all the aspects of your online profile that can help grow your business. Our in-house email system is a free, secure and fully managed solution that can be tailored to fit your business just the way you need it to.

There are many features that are included such as:

  • Up to 30GB free storage
  • Email forwarding
  • Webmail
  • Support with other Email Clients such as: Outlook, Thunderbird & Mac Mail
Included with your Salon Guru Email Account:
Features Starter Light Pro
Aggregate Storage (total space used by all mailboxes) 10GB 20GB 30GB
Additional Storage £0.50p per GB/Month £0.50p per GB/Month £0.50p per GB/Month
Webmail Y Y Y
Email forwarding Y Y Y
Spam & Anit Virus Protection Y Y Y
Setup Support Y Y Y


Once your client manager has arranged to set up the email accounts you need, we will update your DNS settings and migrate any existing emails (from an old host) to your new accounts. You will have access to your webmail straight away by visiting:

POP & IMAP Settings

IMAP and POP3 are protocols that allow you to download email messages from your Salon Guru Mail Server and access them with desktop email clients like Outlook/ Mac Mail and/or mobile email clients' iPhone/ Android email apps. SG Mail can be configured on any standard IMAP email client using the IMAP and SMTP Server Settings below.

IMAP is more recent than POP and allows a two-way synchronisation between the email clients and your SG Mail account. IMAP is recommended when you want to access the same account from multiple email clients.

Our systems have auto discovery for most of these settings but, just in case your computer does not pick these up, here they are:

Incoming Server Settings (salons with a domain-based email address,

Incoming Server Name:
Type: IMAP
Port: 993
Require SSL: Yes
Password: <your password>

Outgoing Server Settings:

Outgoing Server Name:
Type: SMTP
Port: 465
Require SSL: Yes
Require Authentication: Yes (same as incoming)