A new Salon website – feedback from a client

gore salon websiteWith many years of experience designing and installing new Salon websites, we know the benefits. But, it is great to hear from a salon with real experience of what it has meant to their income.

Their new website www.goresalon.com went live at the end of July 2011.

Dear Salon Guru,

We want to say thank you for the great website you designed for our salon. We had a friend develop our first website 3 years ago and he did not have time to help us keep it current and engaging, so we hired one of these big companies that handles thousands of hair salons. After a few weeks we noticed our Google Rank was actually dropping…

We asked you, Salon Guru, for a free analysis of our website and facebook account. Was I shocked? Phil explained to me in terms I could understand what was wrong with this generic site and why we were actually losing rank. Phil gave us examples of his website and facebook clients and we were “wowed”!

So, about 4 months ago, with great anticipation, we started to build our new website with you. It has been not only a wonderful experience, but also the best ROI we have ever spent on advertising in the 17 years we have owned our salon.

In just the few months since it’s start, we have watched our website, our facebook and our business grow. Our site is the most professional in our area and our “new client” growth from our site has more than quadrupled in just this short span.

Again, we just want to say thank you and look forward to our continued partnership.    

Thank you,

Terri and Howard Gore

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