Salon Reviews – important changes

In Summer 2018 facebook have updated the way that apps (like our Salon Review system) can use permission and data from users (your clients).
Concerns over high-profile data cases like Cambridge Analytica and the start of GDPR have been the trigger for these changes.

How the changes effect the way we can access and use client data for Salon Reviews…

Our Salon Reviews System has until Summer 2018  offered these features…

1. Clients leave a review on your website and give permissions for storing data and sharing the Review.

2. The Review is approved (or managed discreetly for bad reviews).

3. The Review appears on your salon website page and also your listing on

4. Your Reviews are recognised by Google as approved reviews and 5 gold stars  plus the number of reviews appears against your search listings.

5. On approval the Review is posted as the client to their newsfeed.

6. On approval the Review can be posted to your salon’s facebook page.

The changes mean that number 5 is no longer possible. This may may be reinstated in the future.

Also number 6 is temporarily disabled. We believe this will be reinstated in the next 2 months.

What you should do…

Continue getting Reviews as they are incredibly valuable on your website and for Google (numbers 1-4).

We will remove option 5 – posting to the client’s newsfeed from for now.

Option 6 will still appear but will be marked “temporarily unavailable”. All Reviews will be held for posting once this feature returns.

If you have any questions please chat to your Manager.