Salon Membership & Monthly Subscriptions

salon membership

The Membership Plan

Our Salon Membership system allows for the creation of multiple service packages all with monthly costs paid by the client through Direct Debit.

These are some examples, but the services and numbers offered will be unique to each salon…

  • Unlimited Gents Cuts
  • 6 Gents Cuts in a year
  • Unlimited Cut & Blowdrys
  • 10 Cut & Blowdrys in a year
  • Pre-paid Colour with 4 visits per year at £50. Top-up in the salon.

There are no limits on what can be offered or the terms.

The salon will even be able to offer variable packages with price levels e.g. the client chooses 4, 5 or 6 cuts for the next 12 months each with their own monthly fee. Or a Cut & finish package with a variable cost depending on the stylist level. A client can also upgrade or downgrade their package and fee.

We limit the standard system to 5 Packages per salon with extra packages chargeable.

The Buying Process…

Clients will sign-in on your website and create an account. If they have bought before they will just sign-in.

They will choose one or several packages and then complete an online Direct Debit form. That will be instantly processed using GoCardless.

We suggest ALL Direct Debits are for the same date each month e.g. the 28th and provide access to the package in the next month  i.e. payment on 28th April will give the service package in May.

The client will get email notifications of their Package order and on successful set-up of the Direct Debit.

You can choose monthly or quarterly subscriptions – or pay in full for the year with a discount.

At the end of the subscription cycle (you choose 1 year or any other period) you can choose auto-renew or contact the client and ask them to renew.

The Management of Orders, Clients, and Money

The salon will get a notification via email of a new order with details of who and what.

The same information will be show in detail on the backend of your website.

Failed payment processing or cancelled Direct Debits will send automated emails to the salon and the client.

Clients will be able to login at any time to see their Package orders, subscriptions and payments. They will also be able to upgrade/downgrade from there.

Salon owners and managers will be able to access a full subscription portal with search, manual updates, financial reports etc.

The Costs…

GoCardless charges 1% per monthly transaction with a cap per fee of £2.  E.g. a monthly payment of £50 has a Gocardless fee per month of £0.50. £100 has a fee of £1.

All other charges quoted below exclude the Gocardless fee.

The set-up cost is a one-off £400. That fee also covers the set-up of 5 packages, the visuals, and all backend systems needed to manage the packages and orders.
The monthly fee is £50. This will allow us to continually develop the system as salons suggest improvements.