Why every Salon needs to master Instagram as a marketing tool

We are all aware that Instagram is growing at an incredible rate (over 400million users and counting!). The hair and beauty industry has an advantage on Instagram over almost all other industries as we are visual artists and create images that are perfectly suited to social media marketing.

Instagram offers us the opportunity to share our work, target our local audience using relevant hashtags and promote the brands that we use. Instagram is simple and easy to use if done correctly.


How a salon can get the most out of Instagram marketing

Is there a magic wand that you can wave to get thousands of followers in a short period of time? Absolutely not! If there was, we would all have an enormous following imminently. Hard, smart work is essential but it doesn’t need to take up too much of your time!

So what are the rules that you need to follow to make Instagram an effective & reliable marketing tool that will drive clients through your salon door?

Instagram Salon imagery

Be consistent with the quality of the images that you post, be mindful of copyright and think outside the box. Instagram should not be about constantly posting images of your own products and services. Instagram is a community, so consider that posting about yourself repeatedly on social media is like being that person at a party who talks constantly about themselves. Post quality imagery that is optimised to the appropriate size. Always consider the audience that you are targeting and how they will be inspired.

Interesting Content
Create compelling content that’s worthy of being shared by others AND content that will draw people back to your account regularly.

Make it real

If clients can see the creative talent in your salon and are inspired by your work, they are more tempted to visit. You can entice new clients into the salon and you can also encourage existing clients to visit more often. If you have clients that only visit for their regular trim and root touch up, a great example of hair ups, curly blows or balayage could be just the inspiration that they need to book in for an additional service! If you have an event, visit a show or attend an educational day….tell your clients the story.

Informative & Educational

Think about enhancing the experience. Be a ‘hair doctor’ – show DIY 15 second videos, a weekly blow-dry tip and share product knowledge directed towards specific hair types. All this content can be created easily using Image Creation Apps.

How do you make your clients aware of your Instagram account?

In-salon Announcements

In the same way that you would promote any other salon service, you should promote your social media platforms around the salon floor. Use the reception area, your business cards, any marketing material, the back of the toilet door!!!! & I’m talking tasteful……no big yellow star stuck to the wall in the toilet with the caption “follow us on Instagram” Yuk!!!! Make your social media platforms & website as important as your address and telephone number on all company branding.

Your team should absolutely support the salon’s Instagram account. Their personal posts should tag the salon in and make reference to your brands.

Your salon website
Make sure your website makes reference to your Instagram account. Salon Guru clients often display Instagram feeds within the staff “about us” pages. This introduces potential clients to the work of each individual stylist. A Pop Up on the salon website’s home page that directs them to the Instagram account can also work.

Salon Email Newsletters
If you do an email blast, be sure to ask people to join you on Instagram and perhaps you could offer incentives for doing so.

Instagram Advertising
Yes, you can! If you would like to begin a targeted advertising campaign on Instagram, you can create it within the Facebook platform. Instagram adverts were rolled out late last year for all businesses. If you are going to promote on Instagram, make sure your visual is perfect with a strong call to action! Instagram adverts direct traffic to your website!

Is there anything you absolutely shouldn’t be doing?

Buying Followers
Never ever consider buying followers. The very lastest Instagram announcement (you need to read our next guide and understand Instagram Algorithms) regarding Facebook style algorithms will penalise those Instagram accounts that have tonnes of followers and no engagement. Build your account respectably and you will have a loyal and engaged following that will in, turn deliver additional income to the salon and increase brand awareness.

Do not flood feeds
Do not switch your followers off by flooding their feed. For example 10 posts one after the other on a Sunday morning, could irritate!

Misuse of content
Always remember that Instagram is transparent. Content that is shared should be credited to the correct individual or brand.

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