Facebook Tabs and Apps – content rich pages

page with tabsSo before we start – what’s the point of Facebook Tabs or Apps (the same thing with 2 names)?

When someone first comes to your salon page as a non-fan they often see the wall – a long list of mini-posts and comments. It tells them nothing about your salon, your skills, your offers or you.

There is the option to switch the “landing page” to one of the other tabs, but they are often even more boring.

Facebook are always a bit slow off the mark but recognised businesses needed a more striking and informative page than the wall so they gave us FBML – a Facebook-only coding language that allowed clever techies to modify the content of tabs. It was better than nothing – but not a lot.

Then last year Facebook allowed Iframes onto tabs, an industry standard ways of putting website content into pages. So suddenly these clever techies could do all sorts of new things inside tabs and we are just now seeing these tools being used by some larger companies.

So that’s the background and the last of the jargon – what can it do for your salon’s facebook page?

We can now produce a page that new visitors (non-fans) will see that is striking, informative and most importantly ensures they click the “like” button. If your visitors don’t click that little button they are not a fan and we can’t sell…. sorry, talk, to them every day with our snappy posts.

So stage 1 is an eye-catching arrival page like these that says “become a fan” !!!

salon facebook tabSalon LIke TabFacebook-Like-Tab

This page can be very simple like the ones above, or can be much more detailed like those that follow. My preference is the simple “click me or else” approach.

Immediately they click “like” the page switches to another version with different images and text. So again, rather than the plain wall they see an eye-catching and interesting page that lets them engage with you and your salon.

The list of possible “boxes” on this page grows daily but includes –

  • Nice large images and text as banners
  • Clickable areas of images that send then off elsewhere
  • Downloadable vouchers
  • A comment box
  • A feed from your blog or Twitter for latest salon news
  • Embed a video
  • Contact forms
  • Google map
  • Salon Newsletter
  • Polls
  • Competitions
  • Product list
  • Image gallery


Above are three recent examples (click to enlarge) –
1. a 12 Days of Christmas Tab. Each day became unlocked automatically with a prize for the Salon’s Fans
2. a competition based upon voting for a favourite picture. This added 1,700 new Fans in 10 days.
3. A simple Hair Colour Sale with downloadable vocuher

This is more new content and more up-to-date than most salon websites! So could your tabs on facebook be where you do all your salon’s selling, promoting, chatting, and informing? Absolutely!

Every box also has the option to allow comments if you choose – so a visitor could comment against a gallery image or leave an answer to a prize quiz. That comment is then posted to their page for ALL their friends to see. That’s powerful salon viral marketing !

All use different mixes of images, text, blog feeds, sign-up forms, twitter feeds, galleries etc. And any item can be viewable by non-fans OR fans or both.

See some of the best Salon Facebook fanpages with Tabs in action on these links –

Gore Salon
KAM Salon

More complex tools also allow downloadable coupons from the page for discounts or special deals – and these get posted back to the visitors wall e.g. “I just took a 25% discount voucher from Trends salon” with a link their friends can follow.

The new tab facility will revolutionise the way some salons promote their business – its instant, cost effective and viral.

Tabs are probably the 1st time in my guides that I suggest you need the help of a professional. Contact me if you need more information or help to create you fanpage.

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