Saloniq 2022

In partnership with SalonIQ, the leading supplier of salon software in the UK, Salon Guru are delighted to offer you these FREE marketing tools.

Salon Guru creates more salon websites in the UK than any other company and have won Best Salon Website at the British Hairdressing Awards - twice.

See our 200+ Salon Websites

Our Google rank report shows your salon's search engine rank and what simple steps you can take to improve it.

Improving your salon's position on Google search is vital for your growth, so we are happy to run a detailed rank report for your salon in your area and give our expert advice - all for free.

With 200+ salon websites, no one has the expertise of Salon Guru in creating websites that rank at the top of search engines.


We will create your free listing on our top-ranked salon directory site The Best Salon Guide

We do all the work and you get a listing that will boost your Google search rank and web traffic. 
See a typical salon listing here.

Normally salons have to create their own listing, but as a Salon IQ client, we do it all for you at no cost.

More Salon Income and Clients

As soon as we get your contact info we will also send you these two expert guides:

Salon Recruitment - how to attract the best staff.

More Salon Income and Clients - using facebook, Google and promotions.

Our amazing offer to SalonIQ clients....

Contact us and we do all the work for you.

We will send you a Google search engine rank report for your salon, plus our expert tips.

We will also create your listing on The Best Salon Guide and send you a login to allow you to make edits.

Your guides to recruitment and online adverts will then follow in days.