Permanent Deals

Permanent DealsThis new features lets you create late deals that are ALWAYS available – just set them and go.

They do not use Display From and To dates and do not have Quantities available.

There is a simple system to “turn off and hide” these deals when not needed e.g. December.

To see how they work open your Active Deals in

Either edit or create a deal and the 1st change is a new tick box “Permanent” either Yes or No.

When ticked this will remove the boxes for from/to dates and Quantity Available.

When saved these Permanent deals are shown with a green traffic light – and a P in the to/from dates. (1st line on example below)

You can click the traffic light to “turn off” the deal and it will turn red. (2nd line on example below).

Don’t forget to use the other new feature launched this year – Deal Addons.

Permanent Deals