Guru Guide 2 – getting more Salon Facebook fans

more increase-Facebook-FansThis is the 2nd of 4 guides on creating, managing and promoting your Salon Facebook page.

Our aim is to get the highest possible number of fans for your Salon Page – so that every message produces the maximum effect on your salon’s turnover.

But before we start, please understand that this is a never-ending campaign that needs almost daily action. Fans do not appear out of thin air – we attract them.

So below are just some of techniques we can use to get fans of your salon page.

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Facebook for salons


1Get more friends

First an explanation –
Facebook recently changed the “Become a Fan” of a page option to “Like” a page. People are still technically “fans” of a Facebook page, however — the terminology is just different now. You Like a page to become a Fan.

The next step uses your personal profile friends – so make sure you have them all as friends on Facebook!

Visiting your friend’s pages and spotting people you are not yet connected to is a great way to do this, or text/phone them and get their info.

And use the tools to find friends under the heading Get Connected on your personal page.

2Use your friends or family

No-one wants to like a page with no fans, so aim to get at least 25 fans from people you know.

Now you have a personal page with quite a few friends – go to your new salon page and use the “suggest to friends” link.

If you do not have this link (top right of page) then make sure you have NOT chosen to “Use Facebook as page” – you need to be in your personal (admin) page mode – just “switch” using the “Account” drop-down menu.

3Change your name

Facebook initially creates your salon page with a long string of numbers but when you have at least 25 fans of your page you can change that.

So we can go from this –

To this –

Please be ultra-careful when following these steps – they cannot be reversed!

While signed into facebook go here

It may ask you to switch to your personal page if you are logged in as your salon.

Use the drop down to select your salon page NOT your personal page

Choose a short name for your salon. It must be unique so if you cannot have “TrendsSalon” add your town name “TrendsSalonBrighton”

***Double check the spelling – if its wrong you are stuck with it !!

We can now tell people our address is
Note I am using Capital letters to break up the name – facebook ignores them but it makes it much easier to read.

4Use your new facebook address everywhere

On business cards, posters in-salon, adverts and newsletters

5Involve your staff
Tell them about the page, give them the address and ask them to post a “Hello” once they have liked your page

6Invite your clients

Although you may have your Facebook address visible in-salon – make sure you and your staff talk to your clients and explain that your facebook page will have exclusive

7Involve “well-liked” people

Once you have some facebook fans, visit their personal pages and leave a quick “thank you” post.

While there, look how many friends they have. If you have a client or staff member with lots of friends, now may be the time for a little “inducement”.

Encourage them to post to their own wall a short message and link to your new page, or even better ask them to use the “Suggest to friends” described in 2.

8Get the message and voice right
This topic is covered in more detail in guide 3, but make your posts to your wall snappy, interesting, eye-catching and topical.
No-one wants to read long and boring posts that always start “we have a great offer in-salon this week”. Use a creative opener like “Let your hair down”, or “sharpen those nails girls” and occasionally just post about what is in the news – e.g. hair styles at the Oscars, the Royal Wedding.

9Use Facebook adverts
If you have the funds these can be very effective as they let you target adverts locally, to an age-group and gender.
I have posted at length about using adverts on this page and there is a chart there that shows a campaign I ran that cost 42p or 0.67$ per click – so £100 could bring 240 people to your page. But we can always return to this later when your page is busier and with better content.

10Use existing email contacts

If you have a Contact List with an email address of friends, clients or any potential fans for your new page, you can import them to Facebook and send a mass “Invitation Message”

You need a list in the format of Comma Separated Values (CSV) which you can export from Outlook or other Mail programmes.

Even better, if you use an in-salon computer system, it should provide the option to export a list of all your clients in CSV format.

Follow these steps to import your CSV list and send a blanket invitation to your page –

  • Whilst logged into your salon page as an admin choose – Edit Page > Marketing > Tell your Fans
  • Browse to find and upload the CSV file, and preview the message before sending

The “tell your fans” screen also offers the option to allow Facebook to search through your online email service like Hotmail, GMail and Yahoo and send an invitation to all your contacts – IF you are happy to provide them with the password to your email account.

1Start again

You need to develop the habit of revisiting all the above and repeating them for – new staff, new clients, new in-salon adverts and new friends.


more Salon Marketing

You are now ready for guide 3 – how to write profitable messages for your Facebook posts. It includes using promotions, polls and writing great posts.

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