As experts in all areas of salon marketing online we are ideally placed to review, assess and then create a very detailed report about your salon's digital marketing. This is a comprehensive analysis and we will provide a totally honest critique based on our 15 years of experience and over 220 salon clients.

Your report will cover...

Your salon website
Looking in detail at the content, speed of loading, mobile layout, engagement and design

A Google search rank report
Showing your position on Google search for 100+ local phrases​

Analysis of your website traffic
Numbers of visitors, where they come from and what are the most popular pages

Facebook & Instagram
We review the content, appearance, numbers and engagement​

Facebook & Instagram adverts
Are you running adverts? Are they performing? What opportunities are you missing?

Google Business Listing
Do you have access to your listing and assess the search rank, content areas to fix

Google Adwords
If you are running adverts are they performing well or wasting your money?

An enormous amount of work will go into your report and we will request access to things like Google Analytics and your Facebook adverts (if you use them). Once complete we will send the report with many examples of best practise and areas where you need to improve or fix issues.

Our normal charge for this report is £900+vat but it is being offered to selected Wella accounts at £300+vat (or €360).

To begin the Digital Health Check process, please add your information below. We will start with a quick phone call to explain the "plan" and a list of questions about what marketing channels you use at the moment.