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Google is by far the most widely used search engine, and where we focus our efforts on putting your website in front of the most potential clients.

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Google searches

While there are other internet search engines like Bing, Google is by far the most widely used, which is why we focus on how to get your salon to the top of Google searches.

Bear in mind that SEO for salons and other businesses is constantly changing in line with the phrases that people are searching for.  Salon Search Engine Optimisation phrases can change from location to location and be affected by trends.  A few years ago, very few people were searching for 'curly hair salon'. Today this is one of the top searched-for salon phrases!

Check your salon search engine rank on Google

Try some searches on Google in your town, city or region to see where your salon ranks. Use phrases like "hair salon in...." "massage in..." or "balayage in...." with your location or "...near me" using your mobile phone.  

Most people will not read beyond the top 5 entries in the search results, so if your hair or beauty salon is listed lower your website visits and potential new clients will be low, particularly if all your competitors are listed in the top 5. 

You can request a free and detailed rank report for your salon by clicking on the button below.  We will give you suggestions on how to improve your ranking and provide comparisons to other salons.

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How to

How to optimize for search engines

So now we recognise the importance of search engines, how do you get your salon website a higher rank with SEO for Hair Salons or SEO for hairdressers?

Search engines give their results in order of "relevance" or "importance". They are trying to give you the best possible answer to the question you asked. So if you type in "hair salons in Chelsea" you will get a long list of suitable websites. In fact a list of 350,000 possible "answers"!

Google and other search engines decide where your website will rank by looking at a variety of factors such as:

  • does your home page contain information on key services?
  • does your website have informative pages focusing on all of your salon services?
  • is the content on your salon website relevant? Google and Bing check ALL the words, images and headlines on every page to see if they have the "right" number of salon keywords that people are searching for. 
  • is your salon website busy and up-to-date? A website with high traffic for the phrase you used is likely to be relevant. A page highlighting your service, for example, will be given added importance if it is regularly updated.
  • do other websites link to your website? Search engines will give higher priority to a site that has lots of good "external links". i.e. other websites that point to your website.  
  • is your salon website fast-loading, mobile-friendly and secure?
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So to get a great ranking, your website needs to be secure, fast, and mobile-friendly.  It needs just the right amount of content, salon keywords, lots of people coming to your site for the new content, and some good-quality websites linking to you.

At Salon Guru, we continually research and update the list of key phrases to ensure the best Google SEO results for hair salons, beauty salons, aesthetics salons, spas, and skin clinics. By doing this, our 220+ salon clients can continue to climb higher up the Google rankings and attract more people through their salon and clinic doors.

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