Our Salon Guru journey: Ruby Mane Hair Boutique

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ruby salon ownerRuby Mane Hair Boutique in Farnham, Surrey, was opened by Janet 'Ruby' Lee (pictured left) in April 2011.  Since launching, the salon has been hugely successful in growing her business by attracting new and retaining existing clients. 

The growing Ruby Mane team includes four elite directors, three Schwarzkopf Royal Colour Masters, four stylists, two assistants, a salon services manager and two front-of-house team. Together they offer cutting & styling, hair colouring, colour correction, hair smoothing, hair extensions, wedding and special occasion hair, men's hair services and hair treatments.  

In October 2013, Janet approached Salon Guru to build a search engine-optimised website for Ruby Mane.  Our PRO contract gives Janet access to a wide range of services including website updates and blog creation, SEO expertise, newsletter creation, social media advertising to find new clients and staff, online form and questionnaire creation.

"I wanted to partner with a go-ahead company that could deliver the technical and web support I needed. To find an organisation particularly focussed on the hair industry was a real bonus."

Salon Guru started by creating a new fast-loading, interactive, informative and fully search engine-optimised website for Ruby Mane.  The website has since had several makeovers, most recently in 2022 after the salon rebranded with a new colour scheme.

STATS:  84% visitors to the Ruby Mane website are new clients

"Our website looks great and contains all the important information we need about our services, client reviews, how to contact us, and who our team are. 

"Perhaps, more importantly, the website contains great SEO content. Having so many phrases at the top of internet searches brings people to our website. Once they are here, they can clearly see who we are and what we do, which gives new clients the confidence to pick up the phone and book an appointment."

Salon Guru closely monitors the salon's 'Google ranking' for key hair and salon phrases in their location and takes action to improve any phrases that 'could do better".  In 2013 Ruby Mane Hair Boutique had only 35 phrases in the top 3 positions on internet searches.  In July 2022, the salon had an impressive 80 phrases in the top positions, with the majority of these sitting at number 1.

STATS:  In 2013 Ruby Mane had 35 hair & salon phrases in the top 3 on Google search.
In 2022 they have 80 phrases in the top 3 spots

"Before engaging with Salon Guru, I used to spend hundreds of pounds on Google Adwords. That is now a thing of the past thanks to their SEO expertise! Salon Guru has been with us all the way, guiding us through the best ways to grow and develop the business."

Every month, Ruby Mane's dedicated Salon Guru Client Manager provides Janet and her team with a rolling 3-month marketing plan which contains ideas to help them find new clients, retain existing clients, promote their products and services and continue to get great Google ranking. Regular checks are carried out on Ruby Mane's Google Analytics to see which web pages people are visiting and to make sure the website is performing well. 

STATS:  Ruby Mane have seen an 80% growth in visitors to their website.

"Salon Guru has fulfilled needs I didn’t even know I would have when I started. My Client Manager has guided me through website design, marketing and client communication, has helped me to recruit new team members, and much, much more.

"Having Salon Guru’s trusted team at my side, has been a Godsend especially through not one but three lockdowns! They are in equal measure proactive and reactive at just the right times."


More information:
Ruby Mane Hair Boutique
Lion and Lamb Yard,
Surrey, GU9 7LL. 
Phone: 01252 713677. 
Email: hair@rubymane.co.uk

the Ruby Mane website https://www.rubymane.co.uk/

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