Action Buttons turn Website Visitors into Salon Clients

No-one has our expertise at getting salon websites to number 1 on Google, which means a LOT of visitors to our client's sites.

BUT a website visitor is just a browser unless we can get them to take some action ...

Book Online - Buy a Deal - Download a Voucher - Call the Salon - Sign-up Online

We have added Action Buttons to every page on the Voodou website with amazing results in the 1st month. More web visitors are engaging in actions and this will lead to more in-salon clients.

In the 1st month after installing the buttons to all Voodou pages these are the results...

  • 473 people clicked to view their Late Deals
  • 115 people requested a Call-back
  • 107 people clicked the Call button

The image below shows 3 Action Buttons -

  • Request a Call - this captures client info in a pop-up form and sends to the salon for a call-back.
  • Call Us - on mobiles & tablets this is Click to Call - on PCs a number is shown.
  • Check our Deals - this example links to Deals but can be any page.

These can be any text/link/colour on your website - so the Actions are the 3 things you MOST want visitors to do.

All Actions are tracked so we can tell you how many Visitors took what Actions on which Pages - and we think this will have a big effect on your salon income by turning more visitors into clients.

Please speak to your Manager to have Action Buttons added to your site and think about the 3 most important things you want visitors to do on your site.

Action Buttons are provided FREE to all Salon Guru web clients on a contract and will use approximately 1 1/2 hours of your monthly budget.