Getting more salon clients and income – our guide

We asked 5,000 salons their "most pressing issue" and the 2 hot topics were salon recruitment and more clients & income.

This is our easy to follow guide to getting more clients and a busier salon.

Note : Click this link for our first free guide Recruiting Salon Staff.

But (it's a big but) if this your priority issue you must dedicate time to it each day - or at least each week.

We think a minimum of 2 hours per week of uninterrupted time on this plan will give you what you need - more salon clients and income. And feel free to ask for our help and guidance at any stage.

We are recognised as the THE experts in salon websites, social media, emails, text message and all other forms of salon marketing on the web - so our focus is online salon marketing. But, it is also the quickest and cheapest way to reach a potential clients quickly,

Getting more salon clients and income - our guideUsing Facebook for more salon clients
Facebook is a quick and low-cost way to reach local clients. Use it every day - but wisely.
- Like and watch other salons that use facebook very well and copy their ideas. See some here
- Post your key offers to facebook every day and use great images of the right size (1200px X 627px) with a title, text and a link to your website.
- Ask all your staff & friends to like & share at least once a week - and check that they do.
- Some posts can be social news and style images - but make sure at least half are selling services, offers, and looks.
- Once a week pay to boost a post (spend about £10/$15) - but target to local facebook users only.
- Plan a targeted facebook advert. You can select gender, age range and distance from the salon. You can even target stylists (for recruitment) or other "interests".
- Always run short campaigns at low daily spend until you know what works.
- Check how well your posts and adverts are working by looking at reach (how many saw it) and clicks.
- Try to link to offers on your website where they claim a deal or download a voucher so you can see the numbers and also gather more client info.
- If you get stuck or have questions - ask us.

Important : Make a to-do list using the above and other ideas. Then USE it every week to keep yourself on-track.

more salon clientsGoogle search is a massive source of new clients - use it like an expert!
Start by knowing where you rank now on Google and then plan how to get to the top for all salon phrases.

- Read this page about Google Search rank for Salons
- Install Google Analytics on your website (it is free) so you know your traffic stats and where people come from.
- Ask us for a detailed and FREE Google rank report so you have a starting point to measure your success as you complete these tasks.
- Identify phrases on your rank report that need to do better. Start with high-value services and plan new content (web pages) for each one in turn.
- If you need inspiration on what to write look at the News/Blog sections in our 220+ salon websites.
- Or employ a professional content creator that knows the Salon industry (like us).
- Re-run the rank report each month to track the improvements and choose new phrases to target with content (articles).
- You can also boost google rank with links to the new content - so always post to Facebook with an image and a link.
- Use these news articles in client newsletters sent via email - with links to bring more web traffic.
- Make sure you business appears in 3 results known as the "local pack" when you search for "hair salon" +your location. More info here
- If you want to be number 1 on Google immediately and not wait for your SEO to improve you can use Google adwords. We run these campaigns for many salons with great results.