Wifi levels comparison

Basic Standard Advanced
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
High quality Wifi Router Yes Yes Yes
Router Software installed Yes Yes Yes
10 WiFi Mirror stickers Yes Yes Yes
Courier delivery Yes Yes Yes
5 minute Install guide Yes Yes Yes
Social sign-ins options – Yes Yes Yes
facebook post Yes Yes Yes
or Google checkin Yes Yes Yes
or twitter tweet Yes Yes Yes
manual email/password Yes Yes Yes
Set once social posting data Yes No No
Directs to your website Home Yes No No
Branded welcome page No Yes Yes
6 linked adverts for – No Yes Yes
key offers, products etc. No Yes Yes
Admin Dashboard on Social Salon No Yes Yes
Reports of usage No Yes Yes
List and export client data No Yes Yes
You can Customise anytime the  – No Yes Yes
facebook post No Yes Yes
tweet No Yes Yes
google checkin No Yes Yes
Add social login to your website No No Yes
Marketing features – No No Yes
Viral Reviews No No Yes
Selfie upload No No Yes
RAF No No Yes
Reward points for – No No Yes
register No No Yes
login No No Yes
birthdays No No Yes
reviews No No Yes
refer a friend No No Yes
Points Badges/levels No No Yes
Points store to swap for treats No No Yes