Tools to create a productive Salon Website


As your salon website grows and develops you will need to employ ever more sophisticated tools to make sure that you are constantly striving for, and achieving >>

  • more visitors
  • better content
  • increased client loyalty
  • and higher salon turnover

Just as you cannot deliver great hairdressing without scissors, dryers, hair colour, styling tongs … and so much more, then you cannot manage your website without some very important “helpers”.

new Salon Websites

Each tool we will employ is described in detail in following pages, just access them through the menus or the category list to the left, or jump straight to them using this clickable list –

Google Analytics – for detailed analysis of visitors to your salon website

Email Managers – to capture contact information and email your salon clients

Advert Editors – to update your salon-site with events, offers and special deals

Downloadable Vouchers – to attract new clients