Some Rules plus Classes & Hours

Red dot are Urgent fixes or MUST be today.
If a task allocated to another person is undated it will NOT appear in their My Tasks.
Only date tasks for others for this week and allocate new tasks for the coming week on Friday or Monday.
Your My Tasks now shows all your Tasks and a new sections shows Tasks Allocated to Others.
Remember – No Date = No Show.

The Order of tasks on all screens is now

First order by Status 1st (all colour coded)
Wait – don’t use this when follow-up needed
No Rush

Then within the sections above…
Red dot 1st
Then by date descending
Undated last

HM – Hosting & Maintenance – the 2 hours per month provides –

Your portion of the cost of the dedicated server
Updates to the core WordPress software (normally monthly)
Updates to the 50+ plugins (software additions) we use – normally weekly
Backups of all data
Security updates to prevent hacking
Management of your emails and the software that manage them
Fixes to page content, images and layout when broken

CS – Content and SEO – this provides (you choose where to use the time)

Articles – new products, seasonal trends, new services
Content edits – price list updates, new staff, edits to content for SEO
Client emails
New galleries and images
New Home page images or content (not layout changes)
SEO rank reports
Reports on traffic numbers
New offers or promotions
Update Store products & prices
Update Wifi Welcome page

DB – Design & Build – in Year 1 this is the time used to build the site. After that it provides –

Changes to the Home page layout and structure
New banners and images on the Home page
New page layout including Contact pages, Reviews, Staff bios, sidebars and footers
Mobile and tablet layouts
AMP (faster mobile pages) –  an important developing technology
Speed testing and improvements through new technologies
Add a new Store or Gift Cards
Add Social Reviews
Add Wifi Welcome page
Add Hairstyle Picker

Other Notes


1 hour 60 mins = 1
1/2Hour 30 mins = 0.5
1/4 Hour 15 mins = 0.25
10 mins = 0.17
5 mins = 0.08


Please add a Task for the Email with the time spent organising, calling the client, creating the email and THEN add the extra time for the number sent…

1/4 hour (0.25) per 1,000 emails – minimum 1/2 hour.


Newsletter 1 hour build + 4,000 emails = 1 +1 = 2