Salon Wifi – requirements and FAQs

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Social Salon WiFi needs an internet line in the salon with sufficient speed to handle a number of clients browsing.

The Social salon router plugs into the back of your existing router.Therefore you need a spare LAN port in the back of your router. Or, you can buy a simple LAN switch at any computer store for less than £10 / $15 to provide extra ports.

The Social salon router needs a power socket nearby.


Salon Wifi  – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a client access on free salon wifi?
A: They open their settings on their mobile phone or tablet and look for an connect to Social Salon

Q: How often will Social Salon post to facebook/google or tweet when someone logs in to the salon’s WiFi or website?
A: Social Salon will ONLY post once a day to prevent spamming a client’s newsfeed

Q: If clients earn points for logging in, how do we stop them earning hundreds of points in a day?
A: The “post limit” of once per day also applies to earning points though logins i.e. a max of 1 per day.

Q: If someone logs in to our Salon WiFi – how long are they “remembered” before they have to log in again?
A: Social Salon stores the login information for 6 hours – so a client can log in when they arrive and will not need to do it again during their stay.

Q: Does Social Salon stop someone using their mobile/tablet apps?
A: No – the system can only request login (and post to the client’s social networks) when they try to browse the internet.