Wifi – costs

Our simpler system for free salon WiFi.

Cost to buy £199+vat (UK) $260 (US)

Renewal in Year 2 and onwards £100 / $130

Social Salon Wifi - costsA high-quality router is delivered to your Salon with the software installed, 10 laminated WiFi Mirror stickers and a 5 minute Install Guide.

Your new Salon WiFi is now ready for clients to sign-in using facebook, Google and twitter.

When they sign-in and give permission, the system posts to facebook, or checks in on Google or tweets a message.

You decide the message, images and links to use in the social messages.

Once logged-in the client is taken to your website Home page.

You also get a free salon listing on our website -  YourSalon.co

You also get access to an Admin Dashboard on Social Salon with detailed reports of usage and you can export client data.

You can change at anytime the image, text and link for the facebook post, tweet and google checkin.

There is an annual renewal fee from Year 2 of £100 / $130.