Writing great SEO articles for your salon

article-writing-salons-seoEvery month we write articles for each of our many salon clients that are always targeted at new search engine keywords and are placed on their salon Blog or News.

So this month we may write about “Summer hair styles” and have lost of phrases like Summer hair color, hair care in the sun, beach hair etc. or an article on Proms and Graduation hairstyle ideas. Each of these articles will give you great google rank in your area for the salon keyphrases and bring new visitors to the salon website.

Websites for Salons

But some of our clients also like to write articles about salon news or particular products or services. We not only encourage this, we guide and advise them on the best way to write SEO (search engine optimised) articles for their salon website.

Points to think about when writing salon blog articles with great SEO…

1) It’s probably worth adding prices in the article and we would also usually add a line in at the end of how they can get in touch and book. They’ve read through to the end and now it’s time to make sure they book in there and then whilst you have their attention.

2) How will people come across this article? What would they type into google to get to this?
And then whatever you think, these ‘search key phrases‘ need adding into the text.  Things like callus peel treatment, shellac nails, two week nail polish, pedicures and then a repetition of your salon name & location where we can, so we target people in this area to visit this page and see what you’re saying.

3) The hardest part about writing when you live, breathe, eat and sleep a business is writing from the perspective of your average customer.
I always say to the writers, imagine the person reading this knows absolutely nothing about your subject matter.  Treat them like they are completely new to whatever it is you’re writing about and you can’t go wrong because those who know what you mean won’t mind reading stuff they already know (as long as it’s not too extensive) and those who know nothing will get an education.

4) The main point of each article is to SELL.  Your website is your virtual shop window.
So, it’s also worth adding descriptive and selling words.  Think of good restaurant menus. They don’t just say “Beef and gravy” they would say things like “Tender farm reared premium cut of sirloin infused with a red wine and mushroom gravy”. Both are the same thing but you know which one conjures up images in your mind of the better, more premium meal.

Think about a few things you have treated yourself to over the last year.  I’ll use myself as an example. I type this on my MacBook pro laptop. The laptop that cost me £1800. Ridiculous really. But why did I buy it? Because I believe the hype that it is worth the investment and the best bit of kit on the market. Before I’d even walked into the Apple store to buy it, I’d researched it online and sold it to myself thanks to the fantastic spec and the reviews I read on it. It didn’t matter that it was THREE TIMES the price of something that would’ve done the job, I was hooked and I handed my credit card over with an inane grin on my face and a fizz of excitement in my tummy.


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Think of stuff like this when it’s more premium products like the Swarovski crystal toes.  Let’s be honest… whether they were Swarovski or Tchaikovsky or Adamski these things are going on your toes. Toes that only your other half, very small people and domestic animals would potentially see close up.  When looking down at the floor at someone’s toes, the crystals you get from the wholesalers for pennies look no different from that height to the Swarovski ones. But people will pay for the name and pay for something they deem to be more upmarket and quality. This is your chance to sell it to them before they’ve even walked through the door.

Let the wording and the website sell it for you, after all it saves you a job!