Salons COVID Re-opening checklist


We work with salons in all parts of the English-speaking world, so reopening dates and government rules may vary. However, this checklist has been collated after speaking to many industry leaders and governing bodies. If you would like a printable PDF version of the checklist, there is a simple form at the bottom of this page.


Are you changing your opening hours or days? tick box
Are you splitting your staff into teams to reduce the chance of cross contamination? tick box
How will you handle appointment bookings?  Think about how to communicate effectively with your clients and how to physically book them in.  Priority Booking Lists have worked well for many of our salons.  These are added to your website and give you a list, in order, of people to book in once you are open again. tick box
Will you be offering client consultations via FaceTime or phone before their appointment to assess their needs and prepare for their visit? tick box
Are you re-thinking your services?  Will you continue to offer services where close face contact is required?  Will you need longer appointment slots to correct hair disasters?  Will you just focus on cuts & colours in the first few weeks after opening? tick box
Are your prices still relevant?  Do you need to increase prices to take into account extra PPE, sanitation and other costs? Or will you charge people for the PPE they use per visit? How will you communicate this to your clients? tick box
Will ALL clients need to be skin tested before their colour appointments? There is some discussion about whether the Coronavirus has changed people’s sensitivity to products.  What does your insurer say on this matter? tick box
Should clients sign an emailed agreement before their appointment, promising to abide by your new salon guidelines? tick box


Have you carried out a risk assessment covering your salon and procedures? tick box
Do you have a large supply of PPE? Clients may be expected to use disposable masks, gloves, gowns and towels. Will you charge for these?  Will clients bring their own? Will you wash gowns and towels daily instead? tick box
Will you front door be locked with entry by ringing a bell or phone call? tick box
Will you have an in-salon waiting area or will clients be asked to wait nearby and expect a phone call? tick box
What refreshments (if any) will you offer and will they be in disposable cups? tick box
Do you have plenty of hand sanitiser? Clients will expect to use hand sanitiser upon arrival and leaving. Where will sanitisers be stationed and who will take responsibility for clients cleaning their hands? tick box
Are you able to accommodate social distancing between clients? Consider changing your salon layout, adding markings to the floor, staggering appointment times, opening longer and for more days. tick box
Can you ensure the salon is adequately ventilated to reduce airborne droplets in the air? tick box
How will you handle social distancing at the backwash? Have you considered investing in perspex dividers between clients? tick box
Do you have contacts for supplies of PPE and other useful salon equipment post-Coronavirus? tick box
Will clients be allowed to freely enter the salon or will you add a notice on the front door asking them to text a number to gain entry? tick box
How will you ensure social distancing outside your salon if clients arrive at the same time? Who takes responsibility for this? tick box
Will you be asking clients to agree to temperature checks before entry? How will you communicate this?  Do you have the right equipment? tick box
How will you deal with clients who appear to be unwelland still turn up for an appointment? tick box
Will clients be expected to visit alone for their appointments? If so, how will you deal with clients who bring their children with them?  What about clients who need carers to be with them? tick box
Will the stylist provide an end to end service (welcoming, washing hair, cutting, colouring, styling, taking payment) to ensure less contact with others? tick box
Will the beauty therapist provide an end to end service to ensure less contact with others? tick box
Will you accept payments only by card?  Where will the card machine be stored? Will you bring it to the styling station / beauty room to avoid the client moving around the salon?  Will you take deposits or full payments in advance? tick box
Does your PDQ/card machine have contactless/Apple Pay capability? Consider upgrading to reduce contact even further tick box


Have you talked to your team about ‘the new normal’ so they know what to expect when they return? tick box
Have you thought about extra staff training or a team day prior to opening?  Your team may need training on the new salon operation. They will need to how to answer client questions and how to deal with clients who appear unwell.  Your team may also have their own concerns about returning to work. tick box
Will staff be expected to wear disposable face masks, gloves and an apron at work? Indeed, it may be that your clients expect their stylist or beauty therapist to wear a disposable face mask, gloves and apron. tick box
Should team members change their clothing when they arrive for work to avoid potential spread of germs? tick box
Should your staff be given a freshly laundered work outfit to wear every day when they arrive for work? tick box
Should clothing be washed and dried at work, ready for going home? tick box
Will it be possible for the team to gather together - but at a safe distance - at work during breaks and lunchtime? tick box
Will you organise your team to work in shifts so you have fewer stylists or beauty therapists in the salon at any one time? tick box
Will you take your team members’ temperatures daily to check for fever? tick box
Have you considered giving new roles to team members?  If your team are working in shifts, should you have a Shift Manager per shift?  Also consider a Hygiene Manager who can ensure high contact areas are cleaned regularly throughout the day. tick box
Do you need to recruit new people for your team? Lockdown has prompted some people to reconsider their careers and look for a new path.   Some salons will sadly not reopen, so there are stylists and beauticians looking for new roles and busy salons will new staff.  Salon Guru can set up a Facebook recruitment ad for you – a low cost and effective way to try and fill any vacancies. tick box


Will you disinfect key areas, equipment and tools in between every client?  Do you need to allow time between clients to do this? Or do you want your clients to see you doing this as another form of reassurance? Think about getting extra hairdryers, combs etc to allow a designated staff member to disinfect whilst stylists use fresh equipment on next client. tick box
Do you have a list of key areas that are to be regularly disinfected?  Door handles, credit card readers, WC areas etc. tick box
Who will take responsibility for ensuring the salon, kit and key areas are disinfected?  How will you organise this?  How often should you be disinfecting key areas and work stations? tick box
Do you have appropriate disinfectants so you are prepared in time for your salon or spa re-opening? tick box
Have you organised a deep-clean of your salon prior to opening? tick box
Are there new rules for salon waste disposal e.g. the hair and disposable towels? tick box
Will you have a designated staff member to disinfect equipment and areas so that stylists can move onto the next client more easily? tick box
How will you manage access to toilets by clients and staff and ensure they are cleaned after each visit? tick box
Do you have a ‘Safe Practice Policy’ for your team and clients to follow in the salon.  Have you displayed this prominently around your salon and on your website and social media platforms? tick box


Add a 'pinned' post to your social media with your latest COVID statement and a link to your website tick box
Publish a Risk Assessment on your website tick box
Add a new procedures guide to your website, for clients to sign pre-appointment tick box
Update with new opening times tick box
Add an automated Priority Booking List tick box
Add a video which shows clients what to expect tick box
Update prices including info re PPE charges tick box
Add Re-Opening FAQs to your home page tick box
Remove or modify existing offers tick box
Rethink your services & temporarily remove some from website tick box
Add a prominent notice about skin testing tick box
Promote video consultations using an online form (to shave time off appointment slots) tick box
Add a client agreement to be signed before appointments tick box
Send regular newsletters to clients (we have seen record open rates during lockdown) tick box

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