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We work with hair, beauty and aesthetic salons in all parts of the English-speaking world, so reopening dates and government rules may vary. However, this checklist has been collated after speaking to many industry leaders and governing bodies.

It’s great news that salons and spas now have dates for re-opening, subject to ongoing improvements in Covid case numbers.

The Salon Guru team is here to support you as you re-open so please read through our checklist to make sure you have covered everything, and then talk to your Client Manager who can help.

Our MD Phil Evans will also be sharing expert tips and advice to help you overcome any challenges you might be experiencing or expecting.  You can tune into his webinar with the Hairdressers Journal on Thursday 25th February at 10 am. Register to watch it HERE.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our salons for their support during what has been an incredibly difficult time for us all.  Your support really is appreciated.

Now, onto your checklist…


It’s now time to organise and motivate your team as they prepare to come off furlough and back to work. Some will be looking forward to returning, while others may have safety concerns. You know your team members best so adapt your approach accordingly.

When will you take your team off furlough? Do you need them to help call clients to book them in, or organise the salon & spa, or arrange skin tests?

Will you be organising rapid Covid testing for staff before they return?

Are you going to open longer? If so, how will you organise your team? Could they work in shifts to keep the salon open longer each day?

What are you doing about staff holiday leave? Some salons & spas are stopping leave during the first 6 weeks of opening to ensure you have enough cover.

How are you going to motivate staff? Consider organising zoom training sessions before you open, and fun new incentive schemes for when you are open.

Are there some staff who are not going to return to work? Do you need to recruit new staff? Read our guide on low-cost facebook recruitment adverts to attract talented stylists or beauty therapists in your area. GUIDE


Clients (and your team) will want to be reassured that you are a Covid-secure salon. View the salon with fresh eyes and ensure it is Covid-secure.

Does it need a deep clean prior to opening?

Do you have sanitiser stations and enough hand sanitisers?

Do you have plenty of PPE for staff and clients?

Have you ensured plenty of distance between styling or beauty stations, perhaps with extra screens in place?

Do you have notices around the salon or spa explaining the rules? Have you included reminders that there are no refreshments, no cash, no waiting area?

Can you offer a separate room to any vulnerable people worried about being in the main salon?


Think about the priority in which you will be contacting clients to book them in.

Will you honour existing appointments already booked in from April 12?

Will you prioritise clients who were booked in but missed their appointments during the lockdown period (December 19 – April 12)?

If you have set up a Priority Waiting List, when and who will contact these clients to book them in?

If you do not have a Priority Waiting List, do you want to set one up now? EXAMPLE 1   EXAMPLE 2   EXAMPLE3

Do you want to link your Priority Waiting List to your Gift Vouchers or Deposits, so clients need to buy a voucher / pay a deposit to secure an appointment? EXAMPLE

What system will you have in place to take the value of priority booking vouchers purchased via the website off the client's bill?

Has your online booking system been turned off? When will you turn it back on again? Presumably, you will need to book in your priority guests first.

Consider when and how you will contact your clients to book them in. Will you email, phone or direct message them?

When contacting people on the waiting list how many times will you try? What will you do if you can't get through after a couple of attempts?

Do you need to take staff off furlough to help you with the task of booking clients in for appointments?

Should clients sign an emailed agreement before their appointment, promising to abide by your new salon guidelines?


Consider how you will organise skin testing and consultations. There is some discussion about whether the Coronavirus has changed people’s sensitivity to products. What does your insurer say on this matter?

Will you be offering client consultations via FaceTime or phone before appointments to assess client needs and prepare for their visit? EXAMPLE1   EXAMPLE2

How will you organise allergy tests for chemical or aesthetics processes e.g. hair colour or injectables? Clients will need patch tests if they have had Covid, have not had hair coloured for 6+ months, or have coloured their hair at home. EXAMPLE1   EXAMPLE2


Many salons and spa are choosing to take deposits from clients to ensure they turn up for their appointments.

Will you be taking deposits to secure appointment slots?

How will you take deposits?  Over the phone, online or by linking them to your Priority Waiting List?

Do you need to beef up your cancellation/no-show policy as well/instead of taking deposits?


Are you re-thinking your services?

Will you need longer appointment slots?

Will you just focus on higher-value services in the first few weeks after opening?

Will you be offering low-cost services like children’s hair cuts?

Will you have any offers available or should they be temporarily suspended? Consider removing them from your website.


Consider adding a temporary surcharge to hair colour prices or all prices.

Will you be putting up your prices to reflect PPE costs, the extra time required for appointments, the cost of sanitising stations between clients?

Have you updated your website with any new ‘Post-Lockdown Prices’?

Have you communicated any price changes to clients? Ask your Client Manager to draft a newsletter. Post on your social media channels.

If these price increases are temporary, work out when you can realistically return prices back to normal again. Update your website and communicate with clients.


Your clients will be busy emailing, calling and messaging you so it’s important to get ahead of this to try and retain some kind of control. Your Salon Guru Client Manager can support you by creating newsletters, updating your website and social media advice. Key messages include:

Update your website home page and send a newsletter to explain your appointment process to clients. When and how can they expect to be contacted? EXAMPLE

Some of our best recent Salon Newsletter examples EXAMPLE1  EXAMPLE2  EXAMPLE3

Update your website with a blog, and send a newsletter explaining to clients what to expect with regards to patch testing, consultations, prices, deposits, PPE, opening times, longer appointment slots. EXAMPLE1  EXAMPLE2

Consider adding a new procedures guide to your website which clients must sign before their appointment.

Send a newsletter to clients linking to your new procedure guide. Reassure them that you are a Covid-secure salon or spa. Add positive reviews, images of the salon, before & after hair or beauty images designed to inspire them.

Plan for more reviews. Make sure you have a great "selfie area" and offer staff an incentive for each review they get.

Add a pinned post to your social media with your latest Covid statement and a link to your website.

Promote your Online Shop to get extra income. EXAMPLE1  EXAMPLE2  EXAMPLE3

Update your website with new opening times.

Update your website with a Priority Waiting List, if using.

Add a video to your website to show clients what to expect. EXAMPLE1    EXAMPLE2    EXAMPLE3

Update your price list on the website, if required.

Remove or modify existing Offers on your website.

Consider updating or removing any services from your website if you are not offering them for a while.

Add a patch testing notice to your website.

Add a deposits policy to your website. EXAMPLE

Add a form to your website to help you organise video consultations. EXAMPLE1    EXAMPLE2 

Add a client feedback form about your COVID procedures. EXAMPLE

Add a form to your website that clients can sign, saying they agree to abide by your new procedures.

Send regular newsletters and do regular social media posts to keep clients informed.

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