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Hair & Beauty Salon Advertising Online

Unlike adverts in local papers, magazines and radio – online advertising for salons is totally focused and instantly measurable.

Imagine an advert visible only to women aged 20-35 within 10 miles of your salon. And you only pay for each client that calls you.

Internet advertising does that.

FACEBOOK-6Salon Advertising on Facebook

On Facebook you can target an advert by location, distance, gender, age range and interests. You can pay just for people who click the advert (Cost Per Click) or each time it is shown (Cost Per Impression).

You can choose the advert image, text and headline for each advert and also whether a “click” takes them to a page of your website or your Facebook page.

A recent campaign we created in London cost £90 reached 38,000 people and had 692 clicks at 19p each.

GOOGLE-RANK-6Google Adwords for salons

For salon owners that want to be number 1 on Google quickly, there is a way to “cheat at search engine rankings”. Google adverts allow you to force yourself to the top of the listings by paying.

Your advert looks like a search result and you choose the search keywords that will trigger the advert.

You set a daily budget and “bid” for positions. You may pay £1 for position number 1, or 60p for 2 or 3. You create “bids” for all keywords, or choose some high-value services with a great return on investment.

Google Adwords is a great way for salons to force their way up search rankings instantly – and they can give a short-term boost to any offer, service or product.

You should plan to be number 1 on Google through your SEO efforts and make Adwords redundant.

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Advert Retargeting

Retargeting tracks people who visit your website and displays your ads to them as they visit other sites. Facebook and Google both offer this and you can change the advert to suit the page on your site they visited e.g. a Hair Extensions advert if that is what they viewed.

…and the others

There are many other types of online advertising for salons. We have tried most of these with generally poor results.

Adsense places your advert on related webpages. So you may appear on websites for brides, hair advice etc. It lacks the control that keywords in Google or locality that Facebook and Google deliver.

Banner adverts
on well-chosen local websites will produce some traffic and brand awareness, but these are costly in terms of ROI.