the Hair Salon Mobile App for iPhone and Android

The Salon Guru Mobile App

An increasing number of clients want access to information via their mobile device and it is difficult to get a website to “fit” in the small (and constantly variable) screen sizes.

Our new salon mobile app will deliver your content to them beautifully presented and easy to use.

The benefits of push notifications and facebook shares will be massive.

But before you look at our solution, do you understand –

  • the mobile app options available
  • what is a mobile webiste
  • what are push notifications

Watch our 3 video guides to Salon Mobile apps and websites to help you make the right choice

the mobile app system for hair salons

  • Salon Home page with customised colour, logo etc
  • App Functions available as Icons or Tabs (see image A)
  • Iphone and Android
  • A back-end management system to manage users, stats and push notifications

the salon app’s functions

  • Get in touch – map (with directions), Call button, Email contact form
  • Facebook user logins to FB and sees your Page feed. They can “comment” and “like” and also “share” to their personal page – the standard facebook app does not allow this on mobile devices.
  • Push notifications send messages to app users with links to “deals”, news, offers etc. Can contain website links. Can be targeted within a radius of the salon. 97% open rate. (See image B)
  • Offers – Pulls in your offers page from the website
  • Online Booking – if you have such a system we display the page from the website but sized for mobile screens
  • App Share – users can send the app to friends
  • 2 more tabs/icons for any other pages we want to pull from your website.This could be –
    • Voucher downloads
    • Newsletter sign-up
    • Image gallery
    • Videos
    • About Us, Price Lists, Products, Events, News etc.

Image A



the salon mobile app Costs

There is a one-off design and creation fee from the app developer.

Our team at Salon Guru then creates “mobile ready” pages for any content that we want from your website. This means resizing and changing layouts to suit the smaller screen size.

There is also a back-end system for us to set-up that will let you to manage app users, see stats and create/send push notifications.

We have spent many months talking to developers in Australia, America and the UK about app functionality. Only one could offer the facebook post share facility which we believe is important.

Our solution is also the least expensive – with others typical costing about £1,000/$1,600.

Our Salon Mobile app costs

Set-up and design £500 or US $800 (single salon – multiple outlets have an additional cost)

Monthly support/maintenance £50 or US $80

Due to the complexity of creating salon web pages that “fit” the mobile screens sizes, we are only able to offer this service to clients using our websites.