Foursquare for Hair & Beauty Salons

foursquare hair beauty salon


The Foursquare website has masses of information on how to add your salon – but first we suggest you get a good understanding of “How it works” using the 1st of the Foursquare links below.

But, as the service makes use of the Internet connection of mobile phones, before you start an ambitious Foursquare campaign you should ensure that your Facebook Page and Salon Website are ready to “capture & engage” the many new clients it will attract.

Read these pages to get “in shape” for Foursquare –

Facebook for Hair & Beauty Salons – and the free Salon Guru Guides to Facebook Pages

The basics of a good Salon Website


Foursquare for your Salon – useful links

How Foursquare works for your Salon

Claiming your Salon on Foursquare

Foursquare FAQs