Facebook Check-in – for your Salon

salon facebook check in

Allowing clients to “check-in” to your salon when they arrive is an incredible marketing tool – and its free to create and use!

Before we delve into the detail of check-ins for Salons you will need beforehand –

A “check-in” is the process in which a client of your Salon broadcasts on their Social Network (Facebook) “I am here”.

Using their mobile phone they find your Salon Place (it will know where they are using Geolocation) and “announce” themselves. This sends a Status Update to all their Facebook Friends which they see in their Newsfeed.

Your clients can add a message to the Update, so an example may be  – “Paula is at Hair Today. Getting a great cut and a 10% check-in discount

The blue link is automatically inserted as a link to your Salons Facebook Page.

Not only can clients check-in to your salon – they can also see which Friends have been to your “Place”and their comments.

You will find more detail on Facebook Check-In for your salon on these links  –


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If you need help with Facebook for your Salon – our Salon Mentoring will teach you “all you need to know ” and provide 1-on-1 support.