Salon Marketing Plan – step 4

4Steps 1-3 of this guide put in place the key tools, got us started on Facebook and Google salon marketing campaigns and started using the client information we are gathering.

Step 4 builds on all we have achieved so far and introduces more ways to get new salon clients, increase your turnover and sell more salon services & products.


student-discount-hair-salon-50Your adverts on your salon website

We have explained why it is vital that your salon website sells your services and products to the many new visitors to your web pages.

A common problem of websites for hair & beauty salons is their over-emphasis on “looking good” while failing to promote and sell.

Having easily changeable adverts embedded in your pages means you can promote to your clients the latest offers, new products, holiday events and  seasonal products.

An ever-changing salon website means we can encourage clients to return time and time again – with timely offers and marketing messages.

Website adverts require many changes to existing web pages, but they turn your salon website into a high-performance selling tool, rather than just “a pretty face”.


salon VIP members

VIP membership pages

If you embark on a redesign of your salon’s website to encompass the many new features I have described, then creating a “private members area” of your site can be a tool great for building client loyalty.

VIP pages for your salon’s clients can either be accessible to everyone, but with offers restricted to those people who have signed-up as a members, or can be restricted to VIPs with a user-name and password sign-in.

I have built restricted-access pages for salon websites and they work very well if you already have a large and loyal client  base that you would like to offer an extra level of client reward.

VIP pages are also a great place to provide on-line appointment booking for your loyal salon clients.


salon blog

Develop your salon blog

A blog for your salon is a great way to create stories about your products and services that are incredibly timely.

You can talk about Mothers Day gifts and treatments, Christmas offers, spring promotions, hair colours for summer or the latest celebrity hairstyle.

Using software like WordPress you can quite easily create new articles about your salon or your services with embedded images or videos.

The blog can be run as separate sub-site, or even better when articles are pulled into the relevant pages of your main salon website. So your page on Hair Colour can have this seasons trends, the Nails page can have the latest techniques, your page products can have the very latest ghd styling tongs.

Blogs are an easy-to-use  tool to get up-to-the-minute content into your salon’s web-pages and sell to your visitors.