Salon Marketing on the Internet – personal Coaching

salon-mentorCreating the best Salon Web Marketing Campaign is guaranteed to deliver more clients and higher income for your Salon.

But, it requires –

  • time – something most busy Salon Owner do not have
  • experience -that can only be gained over many years of real-life campaigns
  • skill – that is learned through daily interactions with Salons worldwide.

Salon Guru are renowned as world leaders in Salon Marketing online. So when you work with us you have –

  • 1-on-1 expert advice & coaching
  • many years of experience in Salon Marketing to deliver fast results
  • a wealth of skills in websites, internet, Facebook, marketing…

You have the best Salon Marketing expertise in the world working for your Salon – and for less than the cost of a Salon trainee.

With Salon Guru as your coach and guide you will appreciate the power of Salon Marketing on the Internet, and the expertise that we will share with you includes –

  • What makes a great salon website
  • The best Salon Facebook Pages
  • SEO (search Engines) for salons
  • Facebook advertising
  • Creating an Online Salon Marketing Plan
  • Sending bulk salon client emails
  • Mobile apps
  • …..and a great deal more

We help you to become over time an expert on Internet Marketing for Salons.


Get your free Website and facebook Audit Report

At Salon Guru we spend every day working with Salons around the world – helping, guiding, educating and challenging. Our personal “1-on-1” Salon support is the Guru Coaching system. It is unique for each Salon and it is designed to ensure you are headed in the right direction and with clear goals.

But the 1st step is to request your FREE Salon Website & Facebook Audit.

Use the link above and provide us with the information we need to make a detailed assessment of your Facebook Page, Salon Website and Internet Marketing. It is completely free, impartial and with no obligation.

The Report will provide an honest opinion of your progress so far and the key tasks to tackle in the coming months. You can choose to do that alone or with our support and guidance as a Mentored Salon.

One of our 1st aims will be a great Salon Internet Marketing Plan that will outline your journey for higher income for the next 12 months – but this is not already written using “cut & paste solutions”. We talk to you, listen to you, challenge you  and together we create The Salon Marketing Plan.

Working in partnership with you, the Salon owner, we provide the expertise, help and support to create a Salon Internet Marketing Plan – and then deliver the actual tools to increase you income.