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Your Salon Website is THE most important way to market yourself online – but that is just the beginning of the story.

Having a good salon website is step 1, but your salon’s online marketing plan needs to ensure your salon website is visited by as many people as possible and that those web visitors become in-salon clients.

We have become global experts in salon marketing online through 20 years of experience, 100+ salons supported – and LOTS of trial and error. We know what works best for salon marketing and we have the data to prove how effective it can be.


Why we are NOT like other “Salon Marketing Experts

A quick search for Salon Websites, Salon Marketing, or Salon Experts will produce hundreds of results. And a common theme is “we know the secrets of Salon Marketing Success !“. But they remain secrets until you pay for their “expert marketing advice”

At Salon Guru there are no secrets – just knowledge, experience and real-life salon examples.

Creating the perfect marketing for your salon is a long and involved campaign – but massively rewarding and profitable.

It can take you all the way from very humble beginnings to the ultimate Salon Internet Marketing Campaign.


Throughout the site we provide tips and insights into great salon marketing tools and promotional ideas, and they are all backed up with real-life salon marketing examples and the proof of how well they work. If you want a quick introduction, these are some of the most important pages –

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