Salon Internet Marketing – success stories

CLIENTS-BEST-SALON-MARKETING-2We all like a salon marketing success story, and we all want proof when shown something that looks too good to be true.

These are just a few of the salon marketing campaigns we have run over the past 10 years that have had really dramatic results – bringing new clients to the salon and boosting salon turnover. For this hair and beauty salon group we provided website design and comprehensive internet marketing campaigns.


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All these campaigns relate to a small group of 2 city center salons, 2 smaller suburban salons and a barber shop

  • Starting with zero Facebook fans, a series of activities over 18 months brought over 7,500 Fans. Includes one event that boosted numbers by 2,500 in 3 weeks. These 7,500 fans now get salon marketing messages every day.
  • Over 4 years 9,000 online VIP members have registered, allowing the salon to send regular newsletters and news updates.
  • Over a 4 week campaign of Facebook messages, website adverts, emails and in-salon posters 850 New Cleint Vouchers were down-loaded. A remarkable figure for a small group of salons.
  • Website visitors have increased year-on-year for the past 5 years by an average 48% – now bringing almost 10,000 visitors a month
  • A series of “professional guides” that describe in detail their hair services have been down-loaded by  4,200 people
  • More than 30,000 people have provided email addresses and names at various promotional events
  • Website promotions to local businesses produced 165 companies and 1,600new clients with “Corporate Discount Cards”

These are just a taster of the hundreds of salon marketing campaigns we have helped develop and manage over the past 10 years.

Should you request our support, we will provide you with many more examples of salon marketing campaigns with excellent results – and few that did not work and the reasons why.