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Stylepicker Shortcodes

On all examples replace curly brackets { } with square [ ]

To place the FULL Style Picker on a page (with menus) use {sg-style-picker}

To place the shortcode to pull in only a few images (no menu) use {sg-gallery-picker tag=wb limit=6}
tag= the tag e.g. wb is wedding & bridal, limit = number of images at that placement.

String tags for subsets e.g. m,17tr for male 2017 Trends
String as many tags as you want using a comma separated list e.g. f,fas,omb,hl,med,re,start - NO SPACES

Tag = start will pull in initial set always displayed on load.Repeat on the page for more.
For posting to Facebook or Twitter, go to the stylepicker page and select what you want to share. Copy the page address, which now has the tags in it.
E.g. female, short, blonde -

The 1st 2 columns below are the menu.
A section like Afro can be hidden if you ask the tech team.

Male = m
Female = f

Short = sho
Medium = med
Long = lon

Wedding & Bridal =wb
Weaves & Plaits = wp
Smooth = smo
Curly = cur
Fringes = fr
Bobs & lobs = bob
Afro = afr
Extensions = ext
Textured Hair = text
Boho Waves = bh

Blonde = bl
Brown = br
Black = bk
Red = re
Platinum = pl
Silver Grey = sg
Full Head = fh
Hi/Lo Lites = hl
Balayage = bal
Babylights = bab
Ombre = omb
Did Dye = dip
Pastels = pas
Fashion Colours = fas

Hidden (not on menu)
Start (shown on load) = start
2018 Trends= 18tr
2017 Spring=17spr
2017 Trends = 17tr
2017 Trends Men = 17mtr
2017 Blondes = 17bl
Ponytails = pony
Hair Contouring = cont
Grunge = grun
Rainbow = rain
Prom WOMEN = prom
Prom MEN = promm
Men's Fade Trend = mf
Rose Gold = rose
Bronde = bron
Ronze = ron

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