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Step-by-step Site Build

Step 1: send welcome email and questionnaire

Step 2: If they have an existing website take a look around it to get a feel for what services they offer.  

Step 3: Task shane to set up a temp site for them. Ask him to add Contact page / late deals / reviews / pick a hairstyle (but only if they do hair!)

Step 4: Email the client asking them if they have any ideas about design. (I will send you an email that I send out – remind me, when you get to this stage)

Step 5: Send Phil a message to set up a Dropbox and share with the client and you

Step 6: Once questionnaire is back, read through it and work out what pages they need. We are going to do a two-phased approach with LITE clients so i can help you with this – remind me when you get to this stage. The questionnaire may throw up questions. One thing I always ask is if their current price list on existing website is still up to date. If it is, this is a good signal as to what pages they need & what services they use. So you can use their current website, price list and questionnaire to work out a plan for pages. 

Step 7: They will probably give you a vague idea of designs they like. Work up a home page plan which incorporates their ideas, colour scheme, logo font. You plan the home page images, taking into account what they say in the questionnaire are their top 5 income earners. Add other services too.

Step 8: Set up a document showing Shane and Mike a basic map of what you want where on the home page. Consider logo / social media icons / sign up to our newsletter / images & titles / footer (usually I put in address, email, phone, opening hours- maybe the social media icons too)

Step 9: Source home page changes. If you client is ‘hands-on’ then share the image selection with them. If not, just go ahead and send to Mike with clear instructions as to where you want them / what titles go on them / where they link to.

Step 10: Start writing those pages if you haven’t already started.  

Step 11: When the site begins to take shape, share the temp site with the client so they can see we are working on it.  


You will also need to consider Offers – which offers do they want? They may need Late Deals training.  


At some stage, the client will give you feedback. Make the changes. You may need to do some changes in PHASE 2 so they do not go over budget.  


You will also need to get their DNS info. Shane can talk you through that. Once they are happy, Shane needs about 2 hours to move their site over to new layout. Once it is live, check the site and the mobile layout. Tell the client the site is launched – with a congratulations email.


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