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Having the best salon website design is just the start when you work with us.

It is vital that the many visitors to your website engage and make that first salon appointment.

Our Salon Marketing Tools ensure that visitors become clients and that you maximise your salon income.

our stand-alone tools to boost your Salon Marketing...

These salon marketing tools DO NOT need a website from Salon Guru - you can install them today and improve your marketing.

Salon Late Deals

Salon Late Deals allows you to fill your appointment book and attract new clients.

link30 Salon late deals info

link30 How to add Late Deals to your website

Free Salon Wifi

Our Social Salon system gives clients free Wifi using facebook, Twittter and Google+ login.

link30 How our free salon Wifi works

link30 Salon Wifi equipment costs

Free Salon Directory

Our Salon directory listing website that is totally free with NO trial period or limitations.

link30 Our free Salon Directory

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our Website tools to boost your Salon Marketing...

These salon marketing tools REQUIRE a website from Salon Guru.

Client reviews

Client salon reviews play a key role in successful online marketing if executed correctly.
Salon Reviews

Our FREE Social Reviews system


Get more Salon Client Reviews

Blog & Email Marketing

How we write blog articles for each of our salons that are targeted at new search engine keywords.

link30 Writing blog articles for your salon

Client Surveys

Client surveys are the best way to get feedback for your salon.
link30 Surveys for Salon Clients

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Our FREE Salon Listing Directory

Our FREE Salon Listing Directory

The Best Salon Guide from Salon Guru is a totally FREE Salon Listings Directory from the world leaders in Salon Marketing Online...

Secret Salon Deals

Secret Salon Deals

  4 years ago we launched a great system to encourage clients to share your Salon Late Deals on facebook and Twitter - but then facebook changed the rules and removed that feature...

Last Minute Voodou – our Salon Late Deals tool in action

Last Minute Voodou – our Salon Late Deals tool in action

This is how Voodou in Liverpool used Late Deals to generate over £30,000 / $47,000 of new salon income and clients in the last 12 months

Salon Wifi – requirements and FAQs

Salon Wifi – requirements and FAQs

Social Salon WiFi needs an internet line in the salon with sufficient speed to handle a number of clients browsing...

Salon Late Deals – images

Salon Late Deals – images

Please note that facebook adverts should ideally be 1200 pixels wide by 627 pixels tall...

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