Hair Salon Facebook pages – our free guides

GUIDE-SALONS-ON-FACEBOOKTo create the best Salon Facebook page and then use it to great effect, there are some simple steps to follow.

We have presented these in 4 easy-to-follow facebook for salons guides in a logical order and with links to external sites where they may help.

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The Topics covered in the guides –

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1. How to create the best Facebook page for your Salon

  • your personal Facebook page
  • set up your Salon’s page
  • adding a logo
  • adding your business information
  • adding admins


the best Salon Websites

2. How To get more fans for your Salon’s page

  • using your friends & family
  • inviting your clients
  • spread the word in-salon
  • viral Facebook invites
  • using Facebook adverts to promote your page
  • examples of how other Salons get Facebook fans


3. How To write profitable messages for your Facebook posts

  • Getting the right “voice” for your page
  • Planning regular updates
  • How to make it interesting
  • Using images and video
  • Examples of other how Salons post on Facebook


4. Facebook apps – a great marketing tool for salons

This section covers the great, but underused, feature of Apps in Facebook. They make a massive difference to how Facebook pages can work for salons.

With salon facebook apps you can present a welcome screen to new visitors who are not yet fans, run competitions, feature videos, have online booking …and much more.

They work like mini web-pages an offer a screen full information that is interesting, eye-catching, up-to-date and gets them to engage in your page.