What To Do If There Is A Lockdown

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In the event of a lockdown, here are some ideas on how you can try and generate business.  We have also included a form of wording you may wish to send to your clients if you have to temporarily close.  Remember, your Salon Guru Client Manager can help you with a lot of these, so please get in touch and we can work together to support you. 

Online Gift Voucher Page:  Your loyal customers will want to support you as much as possible during this difficult time, so encourage them to buy an online gift voucher NOW which can be redeemed once you are up and running again.  Promote this via your social media platforms, on your website and send out a newsletter to your clients. Offer 'Priority or VIP appointment slots when we re-open' to those who buy a gift voucher. An example of a successful online shop which sells LOTS of vouchers:   https://shop.savannah-salonspa.com/

Home Delivery Of Products:  The latest stats show that hair and beauty retail sales are up as people stock up in case of any lock down period.  Create “stay-cation bundles” containing conditioners, shampoos and styling products for hair salons / nail polishes, manicure sets, facial masks for beauty salons. Offer to deliver these to individual who are on lock down. 

Video Consultations:  Salons are a major part of the local community and a lifeline to people who feel lonely and isolated. During any lockdown period, consider reaching out to your clients by offering video consultations.  Salon Guru can create a quick & easy to use form on your website where individuals leave their name & phone number so you can get in touch.  See an example here. We can also help you set up video calls using FaceTime, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.  Consider giving beauty consultations or hair advice - with an offer to deliver products to their home.  

Be Part Of The Community:  As already mentioned, salons are an integral part of the community.  If you are still open and not on lockdown, consider giving back to 'key workers' by offering special offers.  Here is an example (which gained local press coverage): https://www.redhair-online.co.uk/offers/thank-you-nhs-staff/  In this instance, the salon is happy to give free blow dries to NHS workers with no strings attached, but there are also opportunities here, as some NHS workers are likely to upgrade to a paid haircut or colour while they are at the salon. 

Imagery You Can Use:  Keep promoting your salon offers, new ideas and reassure again and again about the precautions you are taking in your salon. Make use of your social media platforms, newsletters and website to keep people informed and to keep your salon uppermost in their minds... so you are the people they will turn too when the lockdown is over.   Click here for some useful imagery you can use.

Remember:  Once this crisis is over, Salon Guru is here to help you get back on your feet with a period of aggressive marketing to get your salon full again.

Wording You Can Use (in the event of a temporary salon closure):

TITLE: From Our Family To Yours

Dear xxxxx, 

We have worked hard to support our staff and community during these challenging times, so it is with sadness that we have to announce the temporary closure of our salon from (INCLUDE DATE).

We will be working longer hours until then to try and safely accommodate as many clients as possible. Please be reassured that we have stringent hygiene measures in place and we are all taking precautions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.   Our team are also working hard to contact everyone who has an appointment that cannot now be accommodated.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful messages of support and gratitude.  Our team has been fantastic throughout this difficult period and really appreciate your support.  We will do all we possibly can as a business to support our team.  With that in mind, if you are in a position to buy a gift voucher now to be used when we reopen, that would be a fantastic way of supporting us.  You can buy a voucher online here: (INCLUDE LINK). 

Please stay in touch by following us on facebook (INCLUDE LINK) or Instagram (LINK) where we hope to inspire you, keep you entertained and uplifted.  If you need help, advice or are simply feeling lonely and isolated, please contact us via this link which is offering free consultations (LINK TO FORM ON WEBSITE).  We can even deliver a hair care or beauty package to your home.  

From Our Family To Yours, we hope you stay well over the coming months and look forward to welcoming you back into our salon when the crisis has passed.