Things You Can Do NOW

Reassess Your Business, Website, Online Marketing & Get Some Money In 

lets talk, salon guru, hair salon experts, marketing experts, ukOur first concern during the Coronavirus lockdown period is to ensure we remain healthy, mentally and physically well and, of course, that we are sticking to the best guidance on self-distancing.

However, it's also worth taking a moment to consider this: Never before have you had this opportunity to take stock and reassess your business, your website and your online marketing needs.  

Take the time to talk to the Salon Guru experts about what we can do to help you during and after the Coronavirus lockdown.  We are here to help you and want, more than anything, for all our salons to be uppermost in their clients' minds when the time comes to open your doors again. 

Email to talk to Salon Guru's Managing Director Phil Evans.  The sooner you talk to us, the quicker we can help you get back on your feet again.

Things You Should Consider Doing NOW

There are things you can do to continue promoting your salon to your clients such as:

  • Selling Gift Cards Online. We can set this up in a variety of different ways.
    Here are some examples:   via Salon-iQ software system   via Gift Up   via your website
  • Offering a Telephone/Video Call Service For Clients as shown here 
  • Home Hair Care or Beauty Product Delivery as at this salon
  • Staying In Touch With Other Salons - for support, advice and help please join our group for salon owners
  • Post Daily On Your Social Media Platforms - stay in touch with your clients by posting videos, hair tutorials, inspirational quotes etc. Encourage your clients to wait for you to reopen and NOT to cut or colour their own hair.
  • Keep Sharing Your Website Reviews Page on your social media to get lots of people to leave a review
  • Create a Virtual Salon using a facebook group. Invite your clients and share great tips and videos from your team. You can also chat and arrange virtual consultations using facebook video messenger  - like this salon.
  • Plan online education for your team and yourself. We have two clients who offer great education Ben Brown and Fancy Education.

Reassess Your Website & Performance

When will you ever have a time like this when you can reassess your business? 

  • This quiet time is a great opportunity to reassess your website and online marketing with fresh eyes. 
  • Does your website need a makeover? 
  • Is it time to refresh the website with new imagery? This can be client's hair, or images of the salon and team.
  • Have you featured your top 6 services on your home page (these might include a mixture of services that bring in the most income and new services you want to promote)?  
  • Are the offers 'correct' and working for you? 
  • Check your Google search rank for all phrases and makes plans to improve them
  • Do you need to make changes or additions to your price list