Stage 2: Marketing Ideas To Get More Clients To Visit Your Salon


Once you've completed Stage 1 by reassuring your clients of the precautions you have put in place to protect your staff and clients, it's time to let them know that you are still open for business. Stage 2 is all about marketing timely and appropriate messages to your clients to get them into your salon NOW and to encourage them to RETURN once the Coronavirus crisis is over.  

Please talk to your Salon Guru Client Manager who can help you with your online marketing and come up with ideas tailored to your salon and clientele.


  • Send a newsletter to clients to encourage them to visit your salon NOW moving their appointments forward while you are open and they are not on lock down e.g.  
  • News reports suggest millennials are going about their business as usual. This might give you an opportunity to attract younger clients into your salon.  Consider running a facebook advertising campaign aimed at the younger generation, enticing them into your salon with a special offer directed specifically at them.  One of our salons targeted the under 45s last week with a new client promotion and attracted over £6500 in voucher sales. 
  • Call your clients to reassure them of the hygiene precautions within your salon and how they should book in now.
  • Create a facebook audience of your clients and talk directly to them, encouraging them to book in now.
  • Mother's Day - Reassure clients who have already bought gift vouchers or special packages that you will honour these UNTIL THE END OF 2020 (if they were limited to March, for example).  Encourage clients to buy gift vouchers for Mother's Day NOW - so mum can be pampered when the Coronavirus pandemic is over.  We can even set up vouchers so they can be easily purchased online.  Talk to your Salon Guru Client Manager who can help.
  • Sell, sell, sell your hair and beauty products.  The latest stats show that retail sales are up as people need hair products in case of any lock down period.  Create “stay-cation bundles” containing conditioners, shampoos and styling products for hair salons / nail polishes, manicure sets, facial masks for beauty salons.