Salon Staff – What To Expect When You Go Back To Work

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FRIENDLY NOTE!  This is another important but BIG read so get yourself a cuppa and please view it on a laptop or PC rather than your mobile.  

We already know that the world is likely to be very different when you re-open your salons, spas and barber shops... but what does this mean for your staff who will have to take the lead on keeping themselves and their clients safe and well?

Below we have some ideas which you may want to discuss with your staff so you can, together as a team, come up with the best approach for your work place.  After all, a large salon spread over three floors will have different challenges to a small salon with just a handful of stylists, or a hair and beauty salon that rents out chairs and space. 

We do not yet have any timeline or Government advice as to when you might be able to open your salon, barbers or spa, but now is the time to start preparing for this moment. 


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The new normal at Red Hair Salons in East Sussex

Imagine a salon with fewer clients, all observing social distancing, and enjoying an end to end service at the hands of one stylist. The client has already received a video consultation and signed a document stating they will observe the new rules that have been set in your salon.

Upon arrival they find the salon door locked, but a note with a number they must ring or text to gain access. Their stylist, wearing a disposable mask, gloves and apron, greets them with a friendly word but no hand shake or hug. The client is shown where to hang up their own coat, and is pleased to see the stylist using the hand sanitiser and asking the client to follow suit. The client is then given a disposable mask, gloves, gown and a freshly laundered or disposable towel.

The client accepts your salon is no longer offering beverages or magazines and that they must arrive alone for their appointment (no children or pets allowed). They tell you they love the fact you're now open seven days a week with several late night opening options. They also understand why you have had to introduce a different pricing structure for their service.

As the stylist sanitises her styling tools in front of the client, the client notices the list on each mirror highlighting the new standards set in place to safeguard clients and the team at the salon. It's then off to the wash area, where social distancing continues to be applied, before returning to the styling station for a much-needed hair colour and cut!

Thirty minutes later another client arrives and a second stylist appears, having changed into his work clothes in a dedicated room at the back of the salon upon arrival. He follows the procedure with his client. Both clients note how responsible the salon is being as the second stylist wipes down the door handles, sprays the styling station, and cleans the wash area in preparation for a new client.

After the appointment, each client remains seated and pays via a credit card reader at the styling station. The credit card machine is carefully wiped down after each use.

The clients are delighted with the whole experience and remember to leave a 5 star review and tell all their friends that it's now safe to get their hair done at YOUR salon.