Advanced IQ – Salon WiFi Level 3

Level 3 is in the final stages of development and will be available at the start of 2015.

Level 3 offers all the features of levels 1 & 2 plus……..


Social points

Social Reward Points

Our Social Points reward clients for doing things that help your business – like leave a Review, upload a Selfie and Recommend a Friend.

Clients can swap their points for in-salon treats that you can define in the admin section of your Social Salon  e.g. 5 points = Indian Head Massage,  10 points = 20ml Moroccan Oil etc.

Points can be earned by clients when they help you with a Social Action e.g. leave a Review = 5 points, Recommend a Friend = 10 points, upload a Selfie = 15 points, complrete an online survey = 20 points.

Social Points are a great way to get you loyal clients to spread the word about your salon though Social Actions and get Rewards in-salon.




Website login

Add social login to your website with just a few lines of code so clients can check-in and earn more points.

When clients log into you website the system posts/tweets on their social network – earning them more points and getting you more viral marketing for free.

Clients can access their Reward Points history and swap them for the in-salon treats you have defined.




Online Reputation Manager

Use our Online Reputation Manager that allows clients to complete a survey. Or ask for reviews for your website, facebook, Yelp and Google.

How this works:

  • After your client visits your salon you send them a link to a webpage we create for you.
  • That page is branded as your salon with your logo, colours and some welcome text.
  • You can ask for an initial star rating for their visit
  • If a low score they are asked for feedback on the issues which is emailed to you service contact
  • Higher scores can then be asked to complete a survey/feedback form
  • Or they can be asked to submit reviews for your website, Google, yelp or facebook
  • You can access all reviews for approval (or not) before they are posted anywhere
  • Approved Reviews can appear on your website
  • They can also get posted to your Salon’s facebook page
  • And if the client gives permission they are also posted to their facebook profile
  • You can also ask for a selfie image to attach to the Review




Level 3 Advanced will be ready in Quarter 1 2015. You will be able to upgrade simply from levels 1 &2.