Looking back at the events of 2019 and forward to changes in 2020

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The highlights of 2019...


Winning "Best Salon Marketing Campaign" at the Hairdressing Business Awards with Voodou was a personal and professional highlight of the year.

This massive year-long campaign on Facebook & Instagram was an enormous investment of time and effort and the incredible results are now being replicated for many other clients.

Read more about the campaign here and download our guide to social media advertising.

Congratulations to our MANY winners and finalists in industry awards last year.

salon marketing campaign BHBA 2019 1


We now support over 200 salons via 165 websites and on 3 continents.

As well as incredible growth in the number of Hair & Beauty salons that we support, we now have clients in many related specialties...

Hair Loss & Trichology Aesthetic Clinics Laser Clinics Online Stylist Training
Salon Software Hormone Replacement Weight & Wellness Clinics


Over the last year the technical team have spent a vast amount of time creating new Amazon servers that mirror our websites across the world for maximum speed and resilience. This is one of the things we use your monthly "Hosting & Maintenance" budget for.

Not only does it give your web visitors the best experience, but Google LOVES fast websites and give them higher search engine rank.

Google research this year shows...

"The average website takes 12 seconds to load. But, 53% of people leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds."

We monitor the speed of EVERY one of our websites EVERY day and our average across all sites was under 2 seconds. Many load in under 1 second.

Looking forward to 2020...


For many years we have demonstrated exceptional skills at getting our websites to the top of Google search through great content. But, the way the internet works, and Google in particular,  changes constantly and it is important that we address these changes.

Starting in 2020 we will be adding Technical SEO as a new focus. These are actions and content not on your website that will increase your traffic from Google. These fall into two areas...

1. Google My Business

When you search on Google you will see a map and 3 company listings above the organic search results.

Click the image to the right to see an example for the search "best salon glasgow" that shows our client Westend Hair second in the organic results but not visible on the map.

The listings on the map are from your Google My Business Listing - more info here. As this map and the companies listed appear above the search results it is a vital way to bring new clients, but your position in the listings and map is NOT affected by anything on your website.

This year we will offer a new service to manage and optimize your Google Map Listing to improve its position and the information it offers. This is an ongoing plan that requires us to take action every month and will include adding new images, content , reviews and updates to your listing. We will send you regular updates of the action we have taken and the change in your position.

If you want to see your position on the map try some searches for salon or service phrases like salon xx, hair salon xx, best salon xx, hair colour xx, hair extensions xx. Replace xx with your location.

2. Backlinks

Content (pages and posts) on your website has always been the best way to get to the top of Google search for a big selection of salon phrases. But, getting to number 1 for generic phrases like salon, top salon, best salon etc. is more difficult as every salon with a website in your location will compete for those phrases.

A complimentary SEO technique is to boost the authority of your website and key pages using backlinks. These are links from other websites to yours that build authority and boost the generic phrases. You can read more about backlinks here.

Creating backlinks that have real value takes considerable time as we research your competitors, contact all the sites that may offer you a link and then create content to add to THEIR website that links back to yours.

If you want to rank higher for generic salon phrases, OR get ranked more highly for nearby locations, then backlinks will be a vital addition to what we provide in 2020.

How we will offer Technical SEO

Optimising your Google Listing and creating backlinks will both take time every month over the coming year. There are 3 ways this can be planned and should be discussed with the Salon Guru team.

  1. We provide no technical SEO.
  2. We use some of your budget hours each month reducing the time available for the work we provide on your websites and emails.
  3. Agree a separate budget each month for Technical SEO.

Please chat to us about which option will suit you best.



For the majority of clients we manage the domain name that you own (the address where your website sits). This means once a year we pay the renewal and raise and send an invoice for the value with no fees. But, we have some clients who have not paid for over a year and we often have to chase the invoices we send for many months. That takes a lot of time each month and has a cost for our business.

Starting 1st February 2020 we will add a fee of £20 ($25) when we buy or renew a domain. Renewal is normally once a year. We will also ask all clients to pay via Gocardless. We think that this small extra charge is reasonable and is common in our industry.