Salon Facebook Pages – learn from the best

Salon Facebook Pages — learn from the best

best hair salons on facebook

the best Salon Facebook Pages - UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

With the help of Salon Guru get it right first time -

discover the Best Hair Salon Facebook Pages and also,

why Salon Owners struggle to create a great Facebook Page


Why Salons often struggle with Facebook

Most Hair & Beauty Salons now have a Salon Facebook page, and the vast majority get it either wrong or very wrong.

So, before we look at some of the Best Salon Facebook pages – let’s look quickly at the most common problems -

  • Lack of time – salon owners face countless daily interruptions whilst often having their own salon clients
  • An unfinished page – they set-up their Hair Salon Facebook Page up and then “wait” for people to find them
  • Inconsistent effort – they post every day for a week then silence for a month
  • Sell, sell, sell – your Salon Facebook page is is a conversation with clients not a sales-pitch

We help with hundreds of Salon Facebook Pages and the 1st item is the list is the killer. Lack of time often leads to all the other problems.

Facebook is a massive opportunity to make money for your Salon, but just like everything else in you busy day, it needs time to get it right. And if you cannot make that time your competitors will (and already are).


The Best Hair Salon Facebook Pages

and the reasons why -

Perhaps the 1st reason is that they are all guided and helped by Salon Guru. We help more salons make a success out of facebook than any other company in the world!



With over 16,000 Fans, Voodou of Liverpool  in the UK have one of the busiest Hair Salon Facebook Pages. They also score well for regular and interesting Wall Posts – that’s what makes people “Like” the page.

best hair salons on facebook



Regular new stories, images and Salon news give Mac & Mohawk a great salon facebook page with massive growth in fans. For a smaller salon these guys know how to use facebook!

salon facebook page



With over 3,300 fans Christian Wiles Hairdressing has another great Salon Facebook Page. Eye-catching images, good client offers and daily updates – this page is spot-on. Their recent “face of …” modelling competition added hundreds of new fans in just a few weeks.

best hair salons on facebook



best salon facebook pagesWe strongly suggest you “like” these pages and learn from their success – it is time to get your Salon included as one of the best salon facebook pages in the UK, US or Australia.



the Best Salon Facebook Pages in the world

If you would like to suggest a page for  the Best Hair Salon Facebook Page in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia….- please leave a comment below, and if deserving we will include it.


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