Marketing and Websites for Salons

We offer salon owners the technical expertise and experience to design, create and manage the best salon website.

We also have an unbeatable reputation for helping create you create your Salon Facebook Page

With our expert help and guidance we jointly create a Salon Marketing Plan to deliver real results.

With over 20 years in Salon Marketing, these are proven techniques to promote your salon, gain higher income and attract lots of new clients.


We are often asked “why are you sharing all this information on Salon Internet Marketing for free?

Some salon owners will love the ideas, but postpone taking action until they “have more time”. Great, because if very few salons make the commitment, then the rewards for those that do is MUCH higher.

Some salon owners may take from this site just a few tips and ideas that will have some small but immediate impact on their Salon Marketing. Great again, as once they start to see real financial results they are sure to be back, hungry for more.

But for the select few, the massive potential of the Internet will inspire them. They realise that other website designers have no knowledge of the hairdressing industry (we do), they have never run online campaigns for salons (we have) and they have no proof that this will work (we have a lot).

So the simple answer to “why free” is that for a few forward-thinking salon owners this will be the best marketing decision of the last 20 years, and we are confident they will decide to get the help of a real expert.


Why we are NOT like other “Salon Marketing Experts

A quick search for Salon Websites, Salon Marketing, or Salon Experts will produce hundreds of results.

And a common theme is “we know the secrets of Salon Marketing Success !“. But they remain secrets until you pay for their “expert advice”

At Salon Guru there are no secrets – just knowledge, experience and real-life salon examples.

Creating the perfect online presence for your salon is a long and involved campaign – but massively rewarding and profitable.

But when faced with so many options (and opportunities) it can be difficult to know where to start.

It can take you all the way from very humble beginnings to the ultimate Salon Internet Marketing Campaign.

1. Salon Mentoring

Guidance for Facebook, Websites & Internet marketing

This entry-level programme is ideal for salons that are just beginning their journey towards a great online presence.

With lots of help, guidance and 1-on-1 support it will ensure you are headed in the right direction and have a long-term plan to boost salon turnover.

Salon Guru will provide monthly 1-on-1 mentoring to ensure we are both working to an agreed Salon Internet Marketing Plan and you are gaining new salon income.



2. Facbook Tabs for Salons –

creating a professional & profitable Salon Facebook page with Action Tabs

We can deliver an exceptional Salon Facebook page with Action Tabs to bring new clients & turnover .



It requires commitment and time from the salon, supported and guided by Salon Guru.

Facebook Tabs bring new clients and income to your salon, because rather than landing on a bland “wall” of posts your new visitors now get a great welcome page with offers, promotions, latest news, newsletter sign-up … and more.

Read our guides to Facebook Tabs for Salons – they will revolutionise the way you communicate with your clients!

4. Salon Websites –

the ultimate salon website –high-performance and revenue generating

For salons that need a complete, performance-driven website that brings new clients and higher turnover, we offer a total website design & creation service.
A Guru designed & created Salon Website design would include –

  • the optimum structure for Search Engines
  • beautiful styling and layouts
  • installation of all styling, imagery & text
  • carefully written page content for great Search Ranking
  • content that you can add and edit easily
  • Hosting & Support
  • Email
  • Search engine optimisation

And, more importantly, would include the tools that will drive your Salon’s profit-

  • In-page editable advertising
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Coupons via email
  • Email marketing
  • Blog

Throughout the site we provide tips and insights into great marketing tools and promotional ideas, and they are all backed up with real-life examples and the proof of how well they work. If you want a quick introduction, these are some of the most important pages –

Take whatever information may help you – and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests for assistance.